Friday, 9 January 2009

Ferst- Fotoes from befor Crismoss!

Mummy an Daddy still be bit ickypoo.
Now Blogger be bit ick too!
Blogger be awl slow.
Keep goin off.
Dilly giv Blogger hard wagonny stare...


Dilly an Bob start go throo fotoes!
Dilly show fotoes from befor Crismoss.

Be fotoes from befor go away.

Evywun go bak Norwich,
go big Medeevol Fayre in cathedral!

Chuck stop owtside for darnse!!!!

-if not see heer, try heer!

Mans say,
be dishunol darnse,
be very aynshunt darnse.
Mans be dresst up like laydeez!!
Be calld "Mummys".

Heer be fotoes inside catheedral.
Be in cloyster bit ov catheedral.
Sum peepol dress like medeevol times-Dilly find 2 reel pwinsesses!!!
Pwinsesses say,
Dilly be wagon wiv blog?
Dilly say
"MWEAH!"Chuck an Dilly hav fayvrit stall-Hav lots wagons!!!
(Mini pewter wagons? Hav ickol laptops?)

Chuck like Medeevol laydy.
Daddy buy speshol sparklys for Crismoss-
arsk man rite naymes!!!
Rite naymes wiv hot burny thing-
get wun eech!!!Chuck do Crismoss shoppin-
Wen get bak,
mayke parsol for Chuck's mummy.

If want see wat be in parsol,
go see on Chuck's blog heer!!!!

Dilly like!


A.Bananna said...

Too cute! I did not know that chuck was a dancer! LOL. I love all the pictures! I did not know there could be so many different dragon things in one place!! Hope your mom and dad get to feeling better soon!!!

Celebration of Life said...

Wow Dilly! Those are great pictures and a great video of you and Chuck dancing. I never knew he could dance to anything except jazz and country western! It looks like you all had a good time shopping. I am glad Chuck is getting along with the locals!

DILLY said...

A bananna,
Think be wagon confrence!

Chuck Mawmaw,
Chuck be doin tap darnsin, too!


Julie said...

Wow, what a fantastic day out Dilly! All those wagons and beautiful pwincesses too. You and Chuck and Bob danced really well.

Thank you for coming to see me at my blog :o) Tell Mummy I hope she gets better really soon.

Velvet Ginger said...

I can't believe my nephew chuck is on U-Tube!!!! Way cool!

Anonymous said...

mini pewters... hehehe I get it... computers. You've been busy having fun holidays with Chuck and Bob. I really like your names wood-burned on those plaques.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

LMAO that dancing was something else! you and chuck really got into it...much more than BOB did!

and cool shots in the castle and i REALLY laughed when the medeivel woman got her picture taken with chuck! lol

i liked the burned name tags, too! lol

Celebration of Life said...

Hi Dilly!
I had to come watch that movie again. I am so glad that Chuck is having such a great time with all of you and he is learning about his heritage! He always had lots of questions about it but now he is experiencing it all first hand or first paw. :o)

Stanley said...


I almost missed this post! I'm so glad I double-checked to see if you had any photos up yet.

I liked all of the midieval things at the fair. Those mini pewter dragons must have VERY tiny laptops (if they have any pewters at all).

How sweet of Chuck to rememeber his mama. And, your dad was very kind to get all of you your own Christmas ornament.

I bet the princesses could tell right away that you were a princess too. Did you talk about princessy things together?

Can't wait to see more photos!!

Goober love & smooches,