Monday, 26 April 2010


Dilly hav LUVLY berfday uther day!

Heer be cards (2):

Heer be rozette:

Heer be berfday pens from Daddy:
Heer be berfday lobster.
Be from Bob!
Be for Dilly play in barth!
Heer be berfday choklit frog.
Be from Nessie!

Heer be berfday bag!
Hav flutterbye on.
Hav flutterby for Dilly tenna, too.
Be from Granny!

Heer be luvly choklit lolly.
Hav luvly Miss Kitty on!
Be from Mummy!

Heer be berfday cayke.
Dilly worry...
maybe too brown?
too bloo?
No worry!
Be luvly inside!
Hav creem an hav lemon jam!

Dilly go vizit wagons at Granny's new howse.
Awl hav speshol playce.
Hav own windosill now.
Wagon bring Dilly berfday cayke!

WUn be play wiv train....

Heer be newset wagon to come liv wiv Granny.
Hav been hopsikol.
Mummy see an think,
mweah, Granny hav been hopsikol too.
Ickol wagon say,
"Be very brayve!"
Mummy think,
Granny be brayve too,
come liv wiv Granny!

Wun wagonhav hedgermahogin frend.
Dily like hedgermahogins, too!

Dilly hav nice day.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dilly be sytid!

Dilly hav UTHER berfday MORRO!
Dilly be awl sytid.

¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"

Sorry not be abol blog long time!!

Granny com liv neer Dilly.
Not be well larst week,
Dilly be bein nerse agen.

Then awl go to river on Sunday!
Go ickol town calld Wivenhoe.
Sit neer river:
Be luvly...

Evwun hav fish an chips for lunch!
Dilly hav too!

Granny be happy!

 ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬"  ¬" 

Hope hav luvly cayke morro,
hav cayke for secund berfday.
Goin share wiv Granny.

Dilly wunder if goin get presents too......

Monday, 5 April 2010

Dilly hav ickol berfday

Today be Dilly berfday.
Dilly hav 2 berfdays evry yeer.
Hav wun today,
hav uther on St George Day.

Today, Dilly ownly hav ICKOL berfday.
Hav ickol berfday becos Daddy be away.
Daddy be away in Ierland.
Grandad Poppa hav berfday uther day,
be very old.
Daddy go help sellybrayte wiv rest famly.

Dilly, Bob, Mummy stay hynde.

Dilly not spekt hav mutch berfday.
Be awl bizzy,
be at Granny howse wiv Mummy,
help Granny pak,
moov howse this week.
So Dilly not spekt peepol member berfday.

Look wat Dilly find in mornin!


Heer be card from Bob!


Nessie hav LUVLY SPARKLY card!!

THANK, Nessie!

Heer be card from Mummy an Daddy!
Awww! NOT forget!
Hav carsol!

An Granny buy Dilly speshol Angel caykes for tea...


An DIlly hav pressents! an gween an sparkly choccy eggs....

An.... huwayyy!!! Pink an gween ribbon!!!!
Doodle Book?

Be clever arty book!
Dilly haff finish pikchers!
Heer be exslent playce to start...

Dilly ring Daddy in Ierland,
Daddy tell peepol Dilly hav berfday.
Awl famly sing "Happy Berfday" to Dilly!
Sing 2 times!
Wun time jus be peepol, (mostly neffews)
then do gen,
wiv piano an penny wissles.
Be ownly ICKOL berfday,
as awl be bizzy
an Daddy be away,
but still be exslent berfday
Still be very HAPPY berfday!