Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Cwismoss Day fotoes!

At larst!
Dilly mayke hard stare at Blogger;
mayke Blogger werk proply.
Be better.

Heer be fotoes!!!

Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:MWEAHHH!!!!!!!!!
Dilly hav pwinsessy carsol!!!!
Hav sweeties in!Dilly mayke plan-
arfter eet sweeties,
yewze drors for bows!
Dilly luv carsol!!!
Heer be Chuck pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:Heer be Bob pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:Heer be Dilly pwesent from Bob!Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Chuck!Luvly wibbon!
THANK, Chuck!Heer be Dilly pwesent to Chuck:Be gayme, Snakes an Ladders!Wen Chuck com stay,
bwing gayme calld "Chutes an Ladders".
Dilly say,
in Ingland be uther nayme!
Hav naykes, not chutes!
Chuck think gayme look taystier wiv naykes!Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Mummy an Daddy-be sparkly pink rok!!Dilly giv Mummy pwinsessy frog!An Dilly an Chuck giv Daddy new tie.
New tie hav phwish on!Mor fotoes Cwissmoss Day be on Bob's Blog!

Hav look if want,
but tayke peg for nose as Bob's blog be smelly.



BumbleVee said...

how could a castle be more perfect? Pink...sweet..... ohhhhh... perfect.
pink rocks.... pink pwincessy froggie.... what a day! what fun.......

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful castle for you Dilly! All of the drawers will hold your most prized possessions! It's just the most perfect pressie! All of the gifts are just perfect! You're a very thoughtful family!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Julie said...

Lots of lovely presents Dilly but I love your beautiful pwincessy carsol. What a perfect present, and sweets too! That ribbon was gorgeous too. xx

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!!

Your castle is bootiful, just like you! I didn't know that it was filled with sweeties and marshamallows! It will be a lovely home for all of your princessy bows!

You gave some great gifts to everyone else. You're a very good gift-giver. Chuck's ribbon for you was also bootiful.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, girlie! If I was there with you I would have given you some big juicy goober smooches and some snuggles!

Goober love,

A.Bananna said...

I love all your christmas fotos! it looks like you all had a great time!! I never knew about snakes and ladders! too cool!!

Anonymous said...

Wut a buuuuuuutaful cassel!!! Wut grate gifts you gave and got - so beary pwincessy!

Muss be nice to haf sumwon like you wif you for Kwismas! We're a liddel kyoreeus tho - is Chuck yore boyfrend now?! Are you kisssssin?! tehehehe Such nice presents - we think it mite be luv!

Your biggest fans,
Tine and Dee

Stanley said...


We gave you an award! Come check it out when you can!

Goober love & smooches (of course),
Stanley & Stella

BumbleVee said...

hey Dilly, Dilly.... ...why don't you and Chuck come over to my blog and see the HUGE wagon-y thing I discovered in a front yard near where I live............

Anonymous said...

Chuck has had a looooong visit at your house. Snakes and Ladders? Cool!