Saturday, 3 January 2009

Be bak but werkin! Be werkin hard!!

Dilly be bak!
Ireland be luvly!
Awl hav nice time!
Dilly want do fotoes,
show peepol carsols,
show mowntens,
show Chuck an Dilly in horsey carridge!!!!

Not abol do yet:
Mummy an Daddy hav bad cowds.
Dilly be hed carfterer.
Traynin Chuck be good carfterer.
Dilly be good nerse!
Blow warm air on Mummy an Daddy.
Keep warm.
Tell Chuck,
no flayme, Chuck.
NO flayme.
Jus warm AIR.

Layter, goin mayke soop.
If Mummy an Daddy eet all soop,
Dilly let hav appol pie.
If not eet soop,
not get appol pie.
Be rool.

Dilly be bak wen hewmans abol carfter selfs.
Then be Dilly time blog fotoes.


Julie said...

Dilly, you are such a wonderful wagon carterin your Mummy and Daddy. Well done you. Tell Mummy and Daddy to hurry up and get well soon. Cowds are horble. I'm glad you all had a luvly time in Ireland, I have been thinking about you all and wondering if you were allright. You are lucky you are not here, our heating isn't working today. Brrrr!

Celebration of Life said...

I was happy to hear you are all back from Ireland! I am anxious to see your photos. I am glad you and Chuck are taking good care of you Mum and Dad! I hope they get better real soon!

Molly the Airedale said...

That used to be a rule in our mom's house when she was little - if you don't eat your dindin, you don't get dessert! Mom said 99% of the time she ate her dindin!
We can't wait to see pictures, Dilly! We hope your mom and dad feel better after they eat soup!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BumbleVee said...

looking forward to seeing all the pics Dilly..... whenever you can get around to it will be just fine.....

Stanley said...

Dilly Dilly Dragon Girl!!

We have MISSED YOU terribly and are so glad to hear that you're back from Ireland!

We told Bob to give your mama and dad some healing goober smooches from Stella & I so they feel better, but with you as their head nurse, then I don't know if they'll need them.

You sound like you really know how to care after anyone who is sick, but you sound like a very STRICT nurse. Do you have a special uniform you wear while caring after your parents.

Sounds like Chuck is doing very well in his training as a dragon caretaker. Definitely keep an eye on those flames! Warm air only, Chuck. hehehe

Can't wait to see your photos and hear all about Ireland!

Goober love & smooches,

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

ohhh, i didn't know mummy was sick too! take good care of them and i'm sure chuck is learning the warm air trick! lol i'm sure that's hard for a baby dragon to learn!

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Meee hav doh much fun in Ireland wiff Dilly! Pweez pweez Dilly's Mawmaw powzt picktowz! Pweez?

DILLY said...


Dilly LUV Julie!
Dilly howse not hav good heatin iver but hav 2 good wagons.


DILLY said...

Hewo Chuck's Mawmaw!!!!!

Chuck be werkin hard,
helpin carfter Mummy an Daddy.
Chuck be werkin eevn HARDER
if not keep stoppin
to steel choklit chip cookies.


DILLY said...

MAggie an Mitch,

Dilly hav Crismoss card for Maggie an Mitch but not find address.
Tayke card all way to Ireland-
want blog an arsk,
wat be address?
Then not abol!
No fair!
Still like card?
Not be Crismoss now,
but still be fwom Dilly.
Let Dilly kno.
Email whare howse be-


DILLY said...

Hewo Bumblevee!

Dilly like Bumblevee foto, be vewy pwinsessy.
Mummy like card fwom Bumblevee!
Be rown layter,
say thank.


DILLY said...



Dilly DO hav yewniform for carfterin.
Dilly hav nersey hat!
Dilly goin find foto an blog gen.
Show Stanley nersey hat.


DILLY said...

Ms Creek,

Chuck be ABOL do warm air trik,
be prfer do OWN warm air trik-
be warm air trik BOB teech Chuck,
an be narsty smells.




DILLY said...



Wat be do on pewter?
MENT be carfterin!