Sunday, 30 September 2007

Dilly be Nerse

Lots peepol hav colds.
Daddy hav cold, Mummy hav cold, Bob hav cold.
Dilly not hav cold.
Dilly be nerse.
Dilly carfter peepol wiv colds.
Be nerse, wear nerse hat:

Dilly inspekt medsin, Dilly be in charge medsin:
Dilly giv owt medsin, say, "TAYKE! MWEAH! TAYKE!":Dilly tell Bob "BOB! GO BED! GO BED BOB! MWEAH!":
Bob do wat Nerse Dilly say. Bob get better.
Dilly like be nerse.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hehehee! Wagon berd pot feet!

Mummy buy feet for pot.
Keep plarnt off grownd, stop slugs gettin in.
Pot feet look like bayby wagon berds!!!
Dilly like!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dilly find fwogs in garden!

Dilly garden not hav pond!
Whare be pond?
Dilly not kno!
If rayne, Fwogs come play.
Dilly tayke foto.
Norrr.... not wunt yews flash. Hert fwog eyes.
Yews ickol torch insted.
Sum foto be blurry.
Not mind.

All fwogs be diffwent.
Sum fwogs be dark, sum be lite, sum be gween, sum be bwown, sum be spotty, sum be stripey, sum be playne. Sum hav pointy nozes, sum hav rownd nozes.

Fwogs come hav party!
Dilly like!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ickol Bayby Wagon

Awwwwwwwwwwww.............. Dilly find ickol bayby wagon.

Bayby wagon liv at Granny's howse.
Dilly go see gen at weekend.
Dilly think cewt.
Dilly like!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Mweah! Dilly see speshol clowds!

Dilly be wotchin berd.
Then Dilly see DINO-WAGON in clowd!
Dilly tayke foto!
Can see dino-wagon?

Dilly luk rownd an rownd an rownd.
Look for OTHER dino-wagon.
Other dino-wagon not be.
MWeah! Dilly see WAYLE clowd!!!
Dilly tayke foto!
Can see wayle?

Dilly like!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Dilly see 2 wagon-berds on fence.
Dilly think wagon-berds be luv-bugs!
Ssshhhh.... Dilly tayke foto's kwyetly, throo windo:

Mweah! Be gerlfwend, boyfwend!
Awwww..... be kissin!
Dilly think cewt!
Dilly like!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Dilly spot rool

Dilly be in car wiv Daddy, Mummy, Bob.
Dilly spot new rool:

Dilly see gween car go parst.
Then grey car go parst.

Then Dilly see other gween car go parst.
Then other grey car go parst.

Dilly think "MWEAH?"

Then Dilly see OTHER gween car go parst an OTHER grey car go parst.
Dilly tell Mummy.
Mummy say, "MWEAH! Mummy see!"

Dilly tell Daddy, "BE ROOOL! Gween cars followed by grey cars!"
Daddy an Bob say, "Be silly! Not roool! Not!"

Then Dilly AN Daddy AN Bob see gween car go parst an grey car follow.

Then see other.
Then see other.
Then see other.
(Happen 2 times.)


Try sperryment nex time in car!


If see gween car, see grey car follow behind.

(If not happen, mean gween car bit lost. Mweah.)

Dilly proov Bob rong!
Dilly like!