Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Dilly's Cwismoss

Dilly been having luvly time!

Father Cwismoss leev presents in soks for Bob an Dilly!

AWL pwinsesses shud hav tchaara!

Wat else?
Wat else?
Ooor! Choklit angels!!! wat?
Ooor! Magical Klide-a-scope!!!

Bob giv Dilly present!!!
Wat be? Wat be?

Orr! Be cookie dinowagon!!!
Bob say be calld 'dinoclaus'!
Bob be funny!

Nex open present from Beanie.
Beanie send 2 pikcher cards!
Hav crocowagons on!!!!

Nex Mummy bring hot choklit cwossonts.
Be yum!

Arfter, awl go Unkol David's howse for Cwismoss dinner. Awl be luvly day!!!!

Dilly hope evbody hav luvly days!!!!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Mewy Cwismoss!!!!!!!!!

Happy Cwismoss evbodeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Wagon berds in Dilly's snowy garden.

Dilly garden be under lots snow!
Dilly put food owt for wagon berds.
Wagon berds get cold!
Need lots food keep warm!
Heer be pikcher Dilly tayke blakberd;

Heer be pikcher Dilly tayke ov uther blakberd:
Heer be pikcher Dilly tayke ov both blakberds gether:

Do feed wagon berds?

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dilly been upset

Dilly been bein vewy upset.
Miss Fluffy died.
Dilly never looz payshunt befor.
Dilly be awlways exslent nerse!
Dilly be sad.

Mummy say,
be ok,
an not be Dilly falt.
NOT be Dilly falt.
Dilly be good nerse.
Werk hard.
Be gentol to Miss Fluffy.

Por Miss Fluffy go cat Heven now.

Mummy be sad too.
Dilly say,
Miss Fluffy be at Raynbow Bridge, Mummy!
Be play wiv flutterbyes an run in sun!
Be wiv Mama cat an sister cat, Figs.
Be ok, Mummy!

Dilly buy speshow Crismoss present fow Mummy,
mayke Mummy smile.