Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wat Dilly do on holiday. Part wun, Dilly go Carsol.

Dilly go holliday!
Dilly tell wat do.

Today Dilly talk bowt carsol!
Carsol nayme be Peveril Carsol.
Be in town calld Castleton.
Dilly think Castleton be good nayme for town wiv carsol in!

Carsol be up big hill.
Heer be Dilly in town at bottom ov hill wiv carsol up hill-
Heer be agen!

Find carsol shop at bottom ov hill.
Be wagons that liv at carsol!
Dilly hav grayte chattin an foto:
At bottom ov hill be model ov carsol how yewst to be.
Be speshol for Dilly size wagons.
Walk long walk up hill!

Dilly not kno hoo man in nex pikcher be. Fnar!
Man be taykin pikcher, Dilly tayke pikcher ov man taykin pikcher! Fnar!
Dilly mayke joke!
Dilly reelly tayke pikcher carsol!
See smooth big stones on left?
Most gone?...MWEAH!
AWL carsols yewst hav big smooth stones like,
but peepol tayke off,
long long long time ago,
tayke an yewse for new bildins,
be for cherchis an howses.
Not abol tayke off awl smooth stones HEER,
becos be on cliff!!!!

Find mor mayshun bowt carsol.
Dilly study.
Dilly be stewdiuss wagon.
Dilly an Mummy go clime steps,
Daddy say, stop! Wont tayke foto!Dilly go inside, look owt!
Dilly go fly fly flyyyyyyy rownd rownd inside carsol!Inside go up long long way-
Dilly spot wagon nest in carsol!Hewo!!
See lots from carsol hill!
Dilly look down see town!
See hills!

Ahhh Daddy tayke Mummy foto wen be in carsol-Smile, Daddy! Smile!
On way bak, see pattern on path.
Dilly think look like wagon.
Can see?
Can see?
Dilly like!

Friday, 15 August 2008


Owwwwwww! SAN giv Dilly award!!!THANK, San!

Go reed wat San say- be funny! Fnarr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dilly bein bizzy. Dilly go hollyday Munday wiv Mummy an Daddy. An wiv Bob. Dilly been sydin wat pak.

Duvs still be on nest. No babys yet. Dilly hope baybys be kay wile Dilly away!
Be nice to see baybys wen get bak Fryday.
Mummy think bayby wagonberds be ugly.
Dilly think be cewt!!!
Dilly like!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Look wat Dilly find!

Dilly be looking out window at tree.
Dilly say WOW!
Look wat be!
Look wat be!
Can see?
Go closer.....
now see???
Be Collared Dove on nest!
Dilly hav nest in tree!
Dilly hav nest in tree!

Ahhhhh...... be inkerbaytin!
Goin hav bayby wagon-berds!

Dilly been watchin tday,
tday be cold-
not MENT be cold!
MENT be summer!
Be rain, lot lot lot rain, hard fall down in wun go rain!
Be lots wind- gales, blow over things.
Mayke tree shayke an bend!

Dilly worry bowt nest!

Hold on, Mummy berd!
Hold on!
Be better weather soon!
Hold on!

Dilly want go up tree with umbrella but Mummy not let.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Look wat Dilly get from Chuck!!!!

Dilly get letter!
Dilly get letter!
Say, "First Class Mail International"
- be very portent!!!
Wat be?
Be Chuck's portrayte ov Dilly!
Dilly luv pikcher!
Dilly put on fridge dor!Mweah!

Dilly like!

Dilly send Dilly portrayte ov Chuck an Ms Cweek to Chuck!

MWEAH! Don't forget, vote in Dilly poll! Be up top rite ov page! Vote! Wat be fayvrit anmol!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Mweah! Blogger prfer Dilly!

Be proof Dilly blog be best!
Blogger not let Bob load pikchers up!
Let Dilly load pikchers up!
Dilly pikchers be mor portent.
Heer be:

Dilly see spayce in gardin for mor flowers!
Dilly tayke Mummy gardin centre.
Daddy say "Get red flowers!"
Dilly say "Kay!"
Daddy not BE in gardin centre.
Ownly Dilly be, an Mummy.
Dilly find luvly PINK flowers.

Be pikcher ov spayce befor Dilly plarnt pwitty pink flowers in:

Be pikcher ov spayce ARFTER Dilly plarnt pwitty pink flowers IN:-
Mweah! Be betta!

Dilly go inspekt uther fayvrit flowers in frunt gardin......

Heer be snapwagons!-
Heer be toadflax!-Toadflax flower be sayme shaype as snapwagon.
Dilly think be snapwagon tendin to be toad.

Dilly werk hard an hav be kwik.
Be rain lots.

Mummy wants Dilly say, "Mummy cutted lorn befor rayn but arfter camra tayke foto." Mweah? Mweah!
Dilly say.
Mummy ARSK Dilly say, Dilly say.
Dilly be good wagon.


Today, Dilly tayke Mummy doctor.
Dilly hav nerse hat.
Be good carfterer.

Dilly hav nerse hat.

Then dror pikcher Maggie an Mitch.
Maggie an Mitch be woofer-terryers.
Hav foto mayke Dilly larffff!!!!!
Dilly goin dror.
Dilly like drorin frends.

Hoo want be next arfter Maggie an Mitch?

Friday, 1 August 2008


Dilly be very sytid!!!
Look wat CHUCK dror!
Chuck do portrayte Dilly!!!!

Awww THANK, Chuck!
Chuck be exslent drorer!
Be bwillyant!
Dilly like big eyelashis
Now Dilly do Chuck pikcher!
Dilly do pikcher Chuck wiv Chuck's Aunt Ewee.
Chuck's Aunt Ewee also be Ms Creek!

(Sorry Ms Creek, Dilly not be good hewman drorer.)

Dilly hope Chuck like!