Sunday, 21 December 2008

Goin Ireland!

Oooooooooo Dily not blog LONG LONG time!

Dilly hav venchers, but not abol stop tell!
Dilly go fly Ireland morrow!
Haff leev 2 hours!!!
Dilly awl pakt.
Pak bow,
uther bow,
pwinsessy dress
(for Crissmoss Day)
(HAFF hav pwinsessy dwess Crismoss Day)
pwesent for Bob,
pwesent for Daddy,
pwesent for Mummy,
pwesent for Chuck!
Chuck comin Ireland too!!!

Dilly goin be online on hollyday, so be abol tell bowt Chuck an Crissmoss an awl speshol stuff!
Be sytin!!!

Happy Cwissmoss evwun!!!!!
Happy Cwissmoss!!!!!
See soon!!!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Chuck go Gwanny's howse!

At weekend Dilly an Bob tayke Chuck meet Gwanny an Gwandad.
Bob post bowt vizit Gwandad howse.
Dilly post bowt vizit Gwanny howse.

Chuck be bit scared Scooter-cat.
Scooter-cat be big.
Be too big for cat collar.
Be too big for catflap.
Gwanny haff get BIGGER flap,
be DOGflap.
Heer be Scooter-cat:
by fayvrit playce,
by fire.
Dilly say,
not worry Chuck!
Scooter-cat not be arfter wagons!
Scooter-cat hav own cuddly:

Next Chuck see Miss Fluffy.
Miss Fluffy like wagons.
Miss Fluffy be kind an pwinsessy.

Chuck be brayve.
Chuck go say
"Hewo Mish Fwuffwy!"
Miss Fluffy giv Chuck kiss!

Next Dilly show Chuck Gwanny's wagon den!ALL wagon's welkum at Gwanny's howse!Huwayy for Gwanny!

Chuck say,
if Gwanny be nice,
Gwanny biskits be nice too?
Want share Gwanny biskit.
Gwanny haff eet kwik!
Eet kwik!
Chuck come pinch!
Fnarr!!!!Next Dilly intdewss Chuck an Soopy.Soopy be soop-wagon.
Likes soop,
maykes soop,
eets soop,
dweems soop,
luvs soop,
ownly torlk bowt soop.

Get on nerves bit sumtimes.

But still be wagon.
Daddy say,
be Speshol Needs Wagon.

Chuck think Soopy look like relativ!!!
Hav simlar leg departmont!
Chuck be joyin meet new fwends!
Chuck an Dilly gree,
Wagons an wagonny peepol be best!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dily an fwends go Norwich!

Yestday all go Norwich.
Norwich be in Norfolk.
Norwich not be say like writ.
Not be calld NORWICH owt lowd, ownly wen spell.
Out lowd, be calld NORRIDGE.
Dilly wish hewmans lern spell proply!

Heer be in car in navigaytor seet on way Norwich.
Chuck ware wun Bob's scarfs:Heer be Norwich carsol!
Norwich carsol be mayde long long long time go.
Mummy say, "bowt 1100AD"
MWeah! 2 years go!
Be wat Dilly say!

Mummy say Carsol be bilt by Norman.
Hoo Norman?

Not too neer camra, Chuck!
Not too neer!
Bob see big lion!!!
Heer be Norwich cathedral.
Tayke pikcher arfter go shoppin.
Forget tayke foto in daytime!!!
Big crayne in frunt!!!

Bob an Dilly do shoppin.
Bob buy Mummy's Cwissmoss pwesent.
Dilly find toy dinowagons for Chuck!
Today Dilly play Dinowagons wiv Chuck an Nessie:
Dilly like!!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Heer be wat Dilly fwend Chuck be up to!!!

Hav speshol choklits!
Mummy buy so Chuck hav speshol food for Thanksgivin.Not hav Thanksgivin in Ingland.
But do for Chuck so Chuck not miss.

Chuck hav trubbol bite off top.
Get Dilly's Daddy help.

MYUM! Hav soft fluffy gooey stuff inside!Uther day, Dilly arsk Chuck "want help cook dinner?"
Chuck TRY help.
Chuck find EVWYTHING funny.
Eevn French beans.
Chuck say be Mexkan Bean Bandit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck see sossidges an larff an larfff...

Chuck say sossidges look like poop.
(Wat be bowt boys an poop?)

Then Chuck help Mummy mayke dumplings.

Wen stew an dumplings be cookt, Chuck larrfffff agen!!!!Chuck think dumplings be like Chuck's nose!!!!!

Arfter dinner Chuck arsk for "cookie".Then wotch CSI wiv Dilly!!!!!
Chuck fayvrit thing so far be go ride rownd room on Bob's truk:
Tomorro, Chuck an Mummy go on Bus.
Go town.
Chuck want see Carsol.

Chuck be good wagon!
Dilly like hav Chuck to stay!!!!!