Thursday, 29 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Go joyne in!

TWO posts today, ok?
Heer be ferst-
Beanie Mouse hav prize dror!
Go joyne in!
Heer be link- Win Beanie art!!!

Now scroll to next post an see wat Dilly been up to! Fnar!

Wat Dilly be up to


Dilly not blog for long time.
Dilly be bein bizzy wagon.

Dilly been bridesmaid (prittiest)

Dilly help rap presents
(heer be calendar wiv wagon on)

Fnarr!!!!!! Scooter help too!

Dilly hav Crismoss Crib.
Ickol-Bayby-Cheeses not be heew yet.
But Mary hav teddy bear reddy for bayby!
(Cheeses hav suffer lots, eevn as bayby!)

Kings not be heew yet.
Heer be Kings coming along shelf.
Eetch King hav own cat.
(MWEAH! Card in bakgrownd be from Mrs Nesbitt!!)

Dilly hav Advent Calendar. Open eevn numbers. Bob open odd numbers as Bob be odd.
Today be last dor.
Be big dor!
Be last dor an be eevn number- so Dilly win agen!
Dilly goin open.

Be Mary, Joseff, Ickol-Bayby-Cheeses!
An hav bunnys an mouses, too!
Probly arfter stror bayby be lying on!
"Oi! Get off dinner!"

Dilly help Mummy mayke pre-Crismoss feest for fwends

Dilly carfter Granny

Dilly go shops today,
hav wun mor present by.
Be speshow present for wagon-berds in garden.
Be meealy-werms.

Robin luv!

Dilly help decorwayte tree...

Heew be Dilly fayvrit decorayshun!

Dilly do lots things.
Be sooooo bizzy, not abol do Crismoss cards.
Dilly go do New Yeer cards sted.
Dilly be diffent.
Dilly not be diktabol like stinky bear.

Wud like New Yeer card fwom Dilly?
Be shor Dilly hav address!
Email Mummy heer!

HAPPY CRISMOSS EVBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mummy's Berfday

Today be Dilly Mummy's berfday!
Dilly giv luvly card.
Scooter come, giv too.

Dilly rite warning on envlope:
"For Dilly Mummy-
If be stinky bear leev lone!"


Front ov card be exslent:

Show gween creetcher wiv ANTENNA AN BOW!!!

Mr Scooter also help Dilly giv Mummy present....

Mweah! Be very yewsfow book!

Happy Berfday, Dilly Mummy!!!!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dilly meet George an George like skarf!!!

Dilly, Mummy an Bob go London, meet Beanie, Tango Bear an ....


Mummy ferget tayke camra (NORTY Mummy)
Beanie tell Dilly,
not worry,
borro Beanie fotoes sted.

Aww THANK Beanie!

Heer be foto Dilly giv George skarf.
George reed tag.

Heer be foto George ware skarf.
George like!
Be jus rite size!

Awww heer be foto Dilly say goodby George.
Bug hug byyyyyyyeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hav luvly time in London!
Go shopping,
go on big red bus,
go eat.

If want see lots lots mor, pleez vizit Beanie blog.
Beanie haff lots fotoes!

Bye for now!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dilly finish mayking skarf for George

George be wagon, liv wiv Beanie.
Dilly an Bob goin to meet up wiv George an Beanie layter this munth.
Dilly be sytid!
But Dilly be worry,
may be cowld.
Dilly mayke skarf for George.
Dilly croshay:

Think skarf be long nuff?
 Dilly not shor if wayte an giv George wen meet,
or send so George can ware on day.

Dilly think better send,
cayse be cowld on day.
Dilly fold up skarf to send-


Friday, 7 October 2011

Dilly hav new dwess. Be awl laycey.

Dilly hav new dwess.
Dwess be awl laycey.
Be mayde ov croshay.

Dwess hav tiny tiny weeny pink button on bak!!
Can see?

Mummy lernin croshay but not abol do dwesses yet so bi wun for Dilly insted.
Dilly hope Mummy lern mayde dwesses fast.
Hurry, Mummy! Hurry!
Perhaps be abol croshay clothes for Bob,
then Bob be abol chaynge mor
an not be so stinky.
Be stinky,
just not be SO stinky.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Julie be luvly!

Dilly fwend, Julie, send Dilly luvly sprize!

Dilly open wiv pink sizzers-

Be lots luvly things!!!!
Pink cards an speshow laces-
Dilly abol yewz laces as wibbons

Julie rite letter on Beanie Art card!

Julie mayke speshow bookmark for Dilly.
Be pink, be shiney, hav luvly sea-horse!
(sea horses be vewy pwinsessy)

Sum sparkly stikkers be Bears,
be fow Bob,
Dilly say,
Bob like very much alot.

Sparkly glittery flutterbyes!

Wat be wapt in purply tishoo???
Be hevy,
mus be sumthing vewy speshol...

Be wagon!
Be awl sparkly an glittery too!!!!
Be proper book, look!!

Be book jus fow Wagons,
for Wagon bizznuss ownly!

THANK, JULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!