Friday, 30 March 2012

Dilly berfmunth be soon!!!

Rmember Dilly hav 2 berfdays?
Like Qween?
Dilly hav wun berfday on ferst Munday in April-
then Dilly hav uther berfday on Saynt George's Day.

This yeer Dilly desyde mayke simpler!
This yeer Dilly goin hav Berfmunth!

Dilly goin skwash all days gether an hav wun big berfmunth!

EESTER goin be in middol ov Dilly berfmunth too!
Goin be WUNdfoll!

Wagons be majikol.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dilly help Mummy mayke wagon art

Dilly be help Mummy mayke wagon art.
Ferst mayke cards for fwends to mayke fwends smile:

Next, help mayke lots lots lots diffent wagonny cards. mayke wagonny bookmarks...

Be for Taoist Tai Chi Centre in Colchester.
Heer be ware Granny go wunce a week,
do mini-Tai Chi (be for peepol wiv hurts).
Help Granny balance an stretch.
Volunteery Tai Chi peepol pik Granny up in coach an bring bak home.
Sumtime Mummy go too.

All cards be sold for donayshuns.
Lots Tai Chi grannys buy.
Nun left!!!!
Mayke lots pennies!
-Peepol LIKE wagon cards!