Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dilly an pwinsess Yolanda

Wen Dilly be in Ireland,
go see Arnty Anna.
Arnty Anna hav littol gerl.
Littol gerl be cawld Yolanda.
Heer be Yolanda wiv cats.Cats be-
Tiger an Lily.Lily be Tiger's mummy.
Hav catnippy cuddly sok!

Hav uther cat too.
Uther cat be Unkol Gingee.
Unkol Gingee be Tiger's unkol.
Yolanda hav pwitty pwinsessy room.
Dily like!

Hav pwinsessy carsol-Have pwinsessy walls-Hav "Littlest Petshop"-Hav dollys wiv pwinsessy dwesses.
-Like Dilly!Dilly an Chuck hav go in pwinsess carridge!
Thank, Yolanda!

Santa bring Yolanda pwinsessy dwess!
Heer be Yolanda,
play gayme wiv big bruther, Jose!Dilly an Chuck find TV wiv grayte channel!
Yolanda hav luvly famlee!!!MWEAH!
Dilly like!


Julie said...

Isn't Yolanda lovely? And so many pwincessy things in her bedroom. That fire telly is magical, no wonder you and Chuck liked it. What a lovely Christmas.

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly!

Yolanda seems almost as princessy as you, and she is a cutie too! You must have had so much to talk about, AND she let you and Chuck have a go in the carriage! Wheeee! Did you drive or did Chuck?!

I think I might like to go visit Princess Yolanda and her family. Their television looks toasty warm too! You have such lovely friends, Dilly!

Goober love & smooches,

BumbleVee said...

that carridge was the absolute perfect size for you and Chuck...and that was the best channel... lovely and warm it was...

Molly the Airedale said...

What a pretty little girl Yolanda is, Dilly! We can see how much fun you had playing with her dollie and her dollie's castle! We hope you get to go back next year!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a luverly time you must have had! Gorgeous pink princessnesses - and look at that carriage! Wow! Perfick for you an Chuck. Glad you had such a nice time. x

Stella said...

Oh, most noble & bootiful Princess Dilly!

Did you and Princess Yolanda have lots of princessy talks and make lots of princessy plans together?!

I sure wish I could hang out with you and all of your princessy friends together! Glad you're back and that you survived all of Bob's gassiness on the trip (I figured he got extra gassy whenever he's nervous... like when he was returning to the scene of his kidnapping)!

Goobery love & tiny kissies,
Stella Bean

Shaketownman said...

So good to see you again, dilly!

Shaketownman said...
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Ellie Creek Ellis said...

nice princessy room!

what the heck is chuck wearing???

Celebration of Life said...

That is one "grayt" tv program that Chuck and Dilly are wearing?

Is Chuck homesick yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilly,
My nieces have a new kitten. She is the cutest little thing.
(ear hugs)

DILLY said...


MWEAH! Yolanda be luvly an pwinsessy.



Chuck nor Dilly drive.
Horsies no ware go.
Go rownd rownd room!
Be luvly an warm by telly!

Goober smooch tickol.



Dilly think carridge be perfik for pwinsesses!


Maggie an Mitch,

Yolanda an Dilly be fwends.
Dilly like go bak.
Dilly like go bak wen Yolanda gro up, then Dilly herit carsol, dollies an carridge.



Mweah! Perfick! Be!



Bob stink in car.
Bob stink evwyware.
Pooey stinky Bear.


HEWO FWOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Cweek,
Chuck be warin wizard caype!!!!
Hav pwitty sparkols on!!!
Be fwom Yolanda dolly clothes box!!
Yolanda let Dilly an Chuck borro posh owtfits for nuther day. Dilly tayke bak nex day. Fnar! Yoland be luvly.


Celebwation of Life,

Mweahhhhh...bit. Be bit homesik, bit. Need be go home soon...snfff...snfff....snfffff....
be home soon snnfffff...



Kittens be purrs wapt up in furr.



Anonymous said...
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