Friday, 27 January 2012

Year of Wagon! Mweah!

Be noo loonar yeer.
Be yeer ov WAGONS!!!
Like Dilly noo banner?

Dilly like!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dilly get Beanie Mail!

Dilly hav Beanie Mail uther day!!!!!!!!!!
Dilly win big klekshun Beanie Art!
Hav Beanie-Mowse stampd on envlope!
Dilly like!

 Ooooo Beanie cards!

Lots luvly stuff!!
Beanie be so kreaytiv!

THANK, BEANIE!!!! THANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

An today, Dilly hav luvly postcard from George.
George be luvly wagon,
liv wiv Beanie.
George be vewy gween.
Culler PINK dwess for Dilly!
Mnrrrrrrrr............. vewy pwitty!!!

 Oww George rytin be vewy cewt an neet!


Dilly like!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Noo Yeer

Happy noo yeer!!!
Be yeer 2 - 0 - 1 - 2, or yeer 2 for short.

Heer be foto Dilly tayke,
be larst sunset of old yeer in Colchester.

Dilly mayke noo yeer cards.
Carve owt pikcher in ickle disk.
Mayke pikcher Dilly!

Heer be Dilly desine:
Be loons!


Dilly mayke lots cards fow fwends.
Hmnnnn.... card on top ov pile be decoraytid wiv ladybugs. Gess hoo be? Gess? Fnar!!

Dilly hav cards for
  • Hammie (Fnar! Dilly giv gayme way!)
  • Miss Peach's (awww) Mum
  • Bumblevee
  • Granny K
  • Feronia
  • Blue an Woodstock
  • Juuuuuuuuliiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee, luvly Julie
  • George Wagon an Beanie an fwends
  • Mrs Nesbitt
Dilly hav sum cards spare, but not hav uther addresses.
Wud send Mggie an Mitch,
wud send Daisy Curly Cat,
not hav dresses.

Send uther cards too,
if hav lots uther dresses.
Aww...Dilly say


An if want card, send address! Fnarr!!!!