Saturday, 28 July 2007

Awwwwwwww.............cute dove!

Erly mornin.
Ickol dove want brekfast.
Mummy late.
Wher food?
Hmmm... wayte neer door...... doze in sun.
Mummy put out food.
Put on bird-tabol.
Dove go eet.
Look up, say "thank cooo coooooo..."
Dilly like!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Meanie intervew Dilly!

1. Iff u dan twavow tu USA an bizzit annee wun whoo wud u bizzit an y?

Mweahhhh.... Dilly vizit Chuck! dilly like Chuck. Chuck be ferst other dwagon Dilly meet on pewter. Chuck be fun. Dilly an chuck go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee down bannister. Dilly an Chuck hide from Bears. Jumpt owt wen Bears go parst. Showt "GOT BEAR!" Nheeee he eheeee....

2. Iff u dood bee annee wun huhmun in hiztowwee who wud u bee an huhow wud u danj duh whold?

Mweah! Dilly be Mary Kwont. Dilly NOT invent mini-skirt. Dilly invent long, long long long pwinsessy dressis an all gerls evware ware longgg dwesses an look pwinsessy.

3. Wut huhmun du u admiow mozt an y?

Dilly mire Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy Lee Jones kill bad wagons an carfter littol wagons. Dilly see in dokmentry on telly. Dokmentry calld Men In Blak. Dilly see 2 times. Tommy Lee Jones brayve. Be frend ov littol wagons. Trayne other man be frend other wagons too. Ahhh..... Dilly lyke Tommy Lee Jones very much alot.

Dilly mire "Horatio" too. 'Rayshio be on CSI Miami. Catch baddies. Carfter good peepol. Got majik sunglasses. Peepol not kno hoo be baddie. Rayshio put on sunglasses an then kno. Mweah! Rayshio be brayve. Liv neer croco-wagons, liv neer allogater-wagons.

Dilly also mire Gwanny. Gwanny hav LOTS wagons in howse. Dilly like vizit an play wiv. Gwanny be Mummy's Mummy. Make Gwanny dubbol nice.

4. Wut duz yo poop wook yike? (min wookz yike wockz an duznt dink)

HEEEEEEEeheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nor, wagon poo not smell. BEAR poo smell. Smell bad!
Norrrrrr................... Dilly not kno wat Dilly poo be like! Dilly be laydy. Be pwinsessy. Dilly not look!

5. Doo u dweem in kolow?

MWEAH!! Dilly dweem in gweeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn an pink!

Thank Chuck for kwestchons!!!!


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Saturday, 21 July 2007


Dilly see scary book!
Robot Bears!
Tayke over werld!
MWEAH! Proov Bears up no good.
maybe meen Bears not reel?
Dilly like!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Dilly see blackberds sunbathing!

Dilly see blackberds throo windo.
Blackberds sunbathing!
Sunbathe long time.
Dilly get camra, wun blackberd moov.
Other not moov.
Not moov loooooooooong time.
LIKING sunbathing. Not moov.
Sit wiv open beek in sun.
Mayk Dilly larf!!!!!

Dilly like!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Dilly find mettol wagons

Dilly go CRAFT FAIR.
Craft Fair be Clare Priory, Suffolk.
Dilly like.
Big howse PINK!

Dilly go for walk. Find mettol wagon-berds in meetin.Dilly join in:

Dilly meet BIG mettol wagons.

Dilly hav foto wiv:

Big DADDY wagon say, Dilly be big strong wagon wen grow up.


Dilly LIKE!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Ickol baby wagon-berds cry "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!"

Dilly find pikchers on German blog.
Not rmember wher.
Sorry, German laydy!
Dilly borro pikchers.
Think cooooot.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

MWEAH! Nice howse- pink, gween.

Dilly liv neer pink howse.
Pink howse got gween shutters.
Authorblog see pink howse an gween shutters too!
Authorblog be on other side werld.
Mweah- Authorblog on wun side, Dilly on other. Both see pink howse wiv gween shutters! Nheee nheeeee!!!!!!!! Make Dilly smile.

Pink an gween howse neer Dilly, England.

Pink an gween howse neer Authorblog, Australia.

Mweah! Dilly like!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Dilly find Wagon Card

Mummy hav fwend.
Fwend cald Jo.
Jo hav berfday.
Dilly find gud berfday card.
Card gween, card got wagon, card got carsol, card got pwinsessy sparkols....

MWEAH! Dilly like!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Make Dilly Smile

Dilly doo Dilly Doo lah Doo lah lilly lilly Dilly.
Nheeee! Hehehehe!
Dilly like!