Friday, 30 July 2010

Dilly's fayvrit moth

Heer be Dilly's fayvrit moth!!!
Nayme be
"Elephanty Hork Moth".
See wy Dilly like?

Be gween an pink!!!!
Dilly like!!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wagon Party!!!!

Look wat Miss Peach send Dilly!
Be wagon party!
Miss Peach see wagon party on patio larst nite,
tayke foto for Dilly!

THANK, Miss Peach!

If see gen, pleez arsk if Dilly can come joyne in too!
Dilly do karryokee an ware pink bow.
Bring cayke for Miss Peach,
yewz speshol tewna ressipy.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dilly get card fwom Beanie fwend!

Hway! Dilly get letter from Beanie!!!!!

Wat be?
Wat be?

Be xspeshol envlope!
Be pink an gween card an.....
Laydy Crocowagon card!!!

Beanie say Bob stinky!
Dilly chooz card from Mummy's box, send Beanie.
Mummy say, can hav eny wun.
Dilly chooz card be sayme culler Dilly's dress!
Mummy say,
Beanie an Beanie mummy mayke art wiv findings.
"Go see wat can find send Beanie for art, Dilly!"
Dilly go klektin things.....

mweah! Kroshay flower!

Choklit rapper!

Mnnnnnnnnorrrr..... not shor wat be.
Mad munky thing.

Add all gether!
Mayke big pile findings!

All pak neetly!
All send morro to Beanie!
Hope like, Beanie!
Hope abol mayke lots art!

THANK Beanie!