Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dilly an pwinsess Yolanda

Wen Dilly be in Ireland,
go see Arnty Anna.
Arnty Anna hav littol gerl.
Littol gerl be cawld Yolanda.
Heer be Yolanda wiv cats.Cats be-
Tiger an Lily.Lily be Tiger's mummy.
Hav catnippy cuddly sok!

Hav uther cat too.
Uther cat be Unkol Gingee.
Unkol Gingee be Tiger's unkol.
Yolanda hav pwitty pwinsessy room.
Dily like!

Hav pwinsessy carsol-Have pwinsessy walls-Hav "Littlest Petshop"-Hav dollys wiv pwinsessy dwesses.
-Like Dilly!Dilly an Chuck hav go in pwinsess carridge!
Thank, Yolanda!

Santa bring Yolanda pwinsessy dwess!
Heer be Yolanda,
play gayme wiv big bruther, Jose!Dilly an Chuck find TV wiv grayte channel!
Yolanda hav luvly famlee!!!MWEAH!
Dilly like!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Award Time!!!!

Mummy still not be all well.
Dilly bin bizzy carfterin.

Meenwile, heer be award from STANLEY an STELLA!!!!
Award come wiv werds-

The award states:
"This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY -- nearness in space, time and relationships! In other words, blogs that receive this award are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!..."
THANK, Stanley an Stella!!!!!!!!!
Dilly send speshol ear hugs!!!!!!!

Now Dilly haff giv ward to 2 uthers.
Heer be peepol Dilly want giv ward to.

  • Julie, Dilly speshol fwend
  • Chuck's Mawmaw- be nice an send Chuck for hollyday wiv Dilly
  • Ibeati be luvly laydy. Post lots an lots an awlwayz hav luvly pikchers to cheer peepol up.
  • Chewy be luvly artist an do speshol pikchers wiv lots cullers.
  • Plumpiemousie hav extra speshol blog wiv lots an lots diffrent playces to go.
  • Maggie an Mitch be speshol doggy fwends hoo awlways be kind an cuddly.
  • Bumblevee be speshol pwinsessy laydy wiv luvly blogs bowt speshol things an caykes.
  • Stardust liv in Japan an be vewy pwinsessy an pwitty.
  • Fwog be speshol gween fwend, do lots travling an hav lots fotoes.
  • Dragonstar be luvly fwend ov wagons evwyware!
  • PoopsieBlue be luvly an intrestin an liv in Oxford. Oxford hav lots wagonny gargolyles!
  • San be luvly kind laydy, do pwitty payntins, lots luvly cullers.

Dilly like!

Dilly still hav lots fotoes.
Try post soon.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Cwismoss Day fotoes!

At larst!
Dilly mayke hard stare at Blogger;
mayke Blogger werk proply.
Be better.

Heer be fotoes!!!

Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:MWEAHHH!!!!!!!!!
Dilly hav pwinsessy carsol!!!!
Hav sweeties in!Dilly mayke plan-
arfter eet sweeties,
yewze drors for bows!
Dilly luv carsol!!!
Heer be Chuck pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:Heer be Bob pwesent fwom Farther Cwismoss:Heer be Dilly pwesent from Bob!Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Chuck!Luvly wibbon!
THANK, Chuck!Heer be Dilly pwesent to Chuck:Be gayme, Snakes an Ladders!Wen Chuck com stay,
bwing gayme calld "Chutes an Ladders".
Dilly say,
in Ingland be uther nayme!
Hav naykes, not chutes!
Chuck think gayme look taystier wiv naykes!Heer be Dilly pwesent fwom Mummy an Daddy-be sparkly pink rok!!Dilly giv Mummy pwinsessy frog!An Dilly an Chuck giv Daddy new tie.
New tie hav phwish on!Mor fotoes Cwissmoss Day be on Bob's Blog!

Hav look if want,
but tayke peg for nose as Bob's blog be smelly.


Monday, 12 January 2009


Dilly tryin upload fotes.
Blogger say,
not do!
Blogger say,
not abol do fotoes!
Be "internal error".
Blogger hav tummy bug?
Dilly want do fotoes!
Dilly want do fotoes now!


Friday, 9 January 2009

Ferst- Fotoes from befor Crismoss!

Mummy an Daddy still be bit ickypoo.
Now Blogger be bit ick too!
Blogger be awl slow.
Keep goin off.
Dilly giv Blogger hard wagonny stare...


Dilly an Bob start go throo fotoes!
Dilly show fotoes from befor Crismoss.

Be fotoes from befor go away.

Evywun go bak Norwich,
go big Medeevol Fayre in cathedral!

Chuck stop owtside for darnse!!!!

-if not see heer, try heer!

Mans say,
be dishunol darnse,
be very aynshunt darnse.
Mans be dresst up like laydeez!!
Be calld "Mummys".

Heer be fotoes inside catheedral.
Be in cloyster bit ov catheedral.
Sum peepol dress like medeevol times-Dilly find 2 reel pwinsesses!!!
Pwinsesses say,
Dilly be wagon wiv blog?
Dilly say
"MWEAH!"Chuck an Dilly hav fayvrit stall-Hav lots wagons!!!
(Mini pewter wagons? Hav ickol laptops?)

Chuck like Medeevol laydy.
Daddy buy speshol sparklys for Crismoss-
arsk man rite naymes!!!
Rite naymes wiv hot burny thing-
get wun eech!!!Chuck do Crismoss shoppin-
Wen get bak,
mayke parsol for Chuck's mummy.

If want see wat be in parsol,
go see on Chuck's blog heer!!!!

Dilly like!