Monday 6 October 2014


Some of you have asked about Dilly. She is fine!

Lots has happened since Dilly blogged, not least her being a bridesmaid at her parents' wedding. Bob was ring-bearer.

Bob is on Facebook now. Look him up if you can. You need to use the ESQ when you look- Bob T Bear (esq.)

We can't seem to carry on blogging, but we won't delete anything, and might get back to it in the future, who knows......

Monday 13 May 2013

Elf Names

Dilly find owt Elf naymes!!!

Dilly be Happy McJingles.
Bob be Nipper Peppermint.
Mummy be Tootsie Monkey Buns.
Daddy be Cookie Superplum.
Granny be Elvis Angel Pants.
Grandad be Sunny Angel Pants.
Granny I-land be Elfie Peppermint.
Grandad Poppa be Frisbee McJingles.
Hav go!!!
Wat nayme be?????
Ear hugs!!
 Dilly, Happy McJingles.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Dilly UTHER berfday! Huwayy!!

Today be Saynt George Day!
Be speshow day in England,
be paytwon saynt ov England,
an be speshow day for AWL wagons,
as be day wen George TORT wagon
(not fort wagon)
teach wagon how cownt,
how spell,
how fly,
how glide,
how decorwayte cave.


Dilly hav LUV LUV LUVVLY card fwom Jerry an Ben!
Arrive TODAY! Perfik!

Jerry an Ben dror flag with "D" on!!!

Envlopes from Jerry an Ben always hav Jerry an Ben wayving!!!

Be LUVLY card!

Heer be inside-
say Dilly be fayvrit wagon!!
Awww THANK Jerry an Ben!!!!

AN Mummy giv Dilly luvly pwesent!
Be Kindda eggs!

Mnorrrrrrrrrr box say hav toys in...

Mnorrrrr Dilly not be shor....

May hav bayby wagons in!!!!
Dilly haff inkewbayte!
Dilly haff bild nest!!

Go way Bob!
Dilly inkewbaytin!!!!

Morrow, Dilly goin see carsol.
Goin see flowers in park,
an go eet cayke wiv Mummy an Granny.


Friday 12 April 2013

Dilly berfday pikchers


Heer be Dilly berfday pikchers.
Sorwy be layte.
Dilly be bizzy wagon.

Bob wayke up Dilly.
Say, "Dilly! Dilly! Get up! Be berfday!"
Dilly say,
"Be inkewbaytin egg, Bob! Sod off!"
Mummy coax Dilly owt wiv pwitty neklace.
Mweah! Ferst thing Dilly see be envlopes!
Dilly see pwesents (sayve envlopes for layter)
Dilly got pink bows!!
Wot be?
Wot be?
Mweah! Pwitty pink note book!
Bug payper!
Dilly haff get in!
Ooooo.... intwesting....
Laydy Bug payper clips!!!
Dilly get snowt stuk in next pressie!
Dinowagon stikkers!!!!!!
Look awl Dilly pwesents!!!
Dilly goin share dinowagon stikkers!
(Dilly goin share wiv Bob wether Bob like or not fnarr)
Share wiv Daddy....
Share wiv Mummy...
Put steggasorwawagon on Mummy noze!!!

Now do envlopes....
AW pwitty pink card!
Be fwom Bob an Nessie!
An luvly gween card fwom Mummy an Daddy...
Hav envlope fwom Beanie!
Beanie mayle be speshow!
Heew be Beanie card:
Awl sine!
An send foto,
be foto ov big payntin ov pink wagon!
Be neer Beanie liv!
Be on phone-caybol boxes!

Dilly put on pwinsessy hed-dwess for berfday-
Dilly hav ickle Angel Cayke-
An Dilly see luvly wagon pwogwam on tv!

Huwayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dilly hav luvly berfday!!!!
Hav 2 berfdays evwy yeer,
(like Qween)
an hav uther berfday in 2 weeks,
on St George day,
be day wen St George tort (not fort) big wagon.



Sunday 31 March 2013

Hewo gen! Dilly be bak!!! Fnarr!!!


Dilly be hav long sleep.
Dweem bowt frends.
Dweem bowt cats.
Dweem bowt wings.... MWEAH! Dilly wayke up an find wings!
Then Dilly dweem bowt snow in garden,
then Dilly hav STWANGE dreem bowt smiling potatoes
Dilly think, must hav nuff dweems now!

Today Dilly wayke up an be EESTER! HUWAYYY!!

Dilly hav nice pink egg wiv Hewo Kitty-
Hav choklit buttons inside box!
Bob boast say Bob egg be bigger...
but Dilly egg be PERFICK!
Fit perfickly under Dilly snowt!

Dilly goin inkewbayte egg, cayse be bayby wagon inside.

Dilly be hap hap happy!!

Be Dilly berfday morrow!!!!!
Mor bows!!!!