Monday, 9 July 2012

Dilly go see wagon at carsol

Dilly liv neer Colchester carsol.
AWL carsols hav wagons,
but Dilly never meet Colchester wagon fore.

Now Colchester wagon come owt,
see peepol!
Be yeer ov wagon,
so come owt, play!
Dilly tayke fotoes!

Heer be from uther side-
 Ooooh!!!!! Wat big, luvly wagon!!!!
Wagon hold Dilly in hand.
Can see Dilly???
Be behind wagon big clorrs!!!
Haff loo vewy vewy closely...
Gwanny say hewo wagon too!

Heer see bak of wagon,
an can see long, long tail...

Wen Dilly leev,
see lots luvly roses.
Be pwitty, mweah?

Meet eny wagons laytely???