Friday, 19 March 2010

Heer be arnser!

yestday arsk,
hoo Dilly mayke wagon card for?
Do gess?
Be for JULIE!!!!
Heer be wy Dilly mayke thank yu card for Julie:

Julie send parsol!!!!

Wat be? Wat be?

Be pwitty box...

FnnOooOOooooOOoorrr wat be on insides?
Be lots!!!

Julie send luvly cat card.
Look like Mr Scooter!

Send lots yummy stuff eet!

Dilly share Simpsons biskits wiv Bob.
(Dilly want kwyert life.)

Julie eevn send yummys for Dolly!

Wat elss be in box?
Julie send lots crarfty stuff for Mummy an Dilly!!!!
THANK Julie!!
Hope wagon card ryve ok!!!!

Dilly luv Julie.
Be speshow frend,

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dilly not blog long long time be bizzy wagon.

Sorrrrwy Dilly not blog long time.
Dilly Granny not be well gen.
Mummy stay at Granny howse,
Bob stay
(dispite smell mite mayke Granny iller)
an Dilly stay too,
Dilly help nerse.
Dilly be helpfow wagon.
Dilly be exslent nerse.

On Sunday,
be Muver's Day.
Dilly hav luvly card fow Mummy.
Not mayke, buy.
Be better than Bob's.
Be pink.

Dilly rite carefow strukshuns on envlope:
-If not be Dilly Mummy, leev lone!


Inside, Dilly rite LOTS
Put flower on evry "i".
Dis be card for Dilly Mummy.
Not be cwocowagon, but be pink,
Be elfunt.
Be elfunt coz show Dilly not fget.
Bet bear fget.
If by mirakol bear not fget,
bet bear get bear card
Bear be sest!
Dilly not be sest.
Dilly be [pwin]sessy.
Not be same thing.
Not be!

Dis be card for Dilly Mummy.
Dilly Mummy lyke pink.
Dilly luv Dilly Mummy lots (big 2 tymes).
Bye Mummy!

Be hard werk rytin lots.


Mummy say,
"Por Dilly. Come mayke arty stuff. Arty stuff be peaceful. Help stresst wagon hed."
Dilly mayke luvly card.
Hav wagon on.
Wagon be say, "Thank You"...

Dilly show Miss Fluffy.
Miss Fluffy proov!
Say, "Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrup!"
Dilly rite in card.
Can gess wat rite?
Gess hoo be?

 Dilly tell nex time!