Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dilly in daffodillys!

Daffodillys not be in garden yet.
Mummy buy daffodillys.
Mayke room be brite,
be sparkly,
be happy!
daffodillys smell nice!
Smell fwesh,
smell cleen,
smell sparkly,
smell yello!
Dilly think daffodillys mayke good hat!
Dilly like be in daffodillys!

Dilly in daffodillys!!!

Dilly like!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Dilly fwend, Chuck, send Dilly new hat!

Parsol come today,
be fwom WYOMING!
Wyoming be long way away.
(2 miles) Come wiv card-
be fwom Chuck, an Chuck's famly!
H'wayyyyyyyy!Wat be?
Wat be?
HATS!!!!!!!!!!Gwayte hats!!!!!!!!
Wun be for Dilly,
wun be for Bob!
H'wayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!Dilly hat be speshol!
Be stwor hat,
be pwinsessy!
Hav wibbons,
hav sparkols!

Dilly wotch fayvrit video in new hat!"Hewo, Rayshio!
Rayshio like new hat?"Thank, Chuck!
Dilly luv new hat!
Dilly think match new bed!
Awwwwww........ Dilly luv Chuck vewy much!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Pressies an Skwirrols!

Dilly frend Hazel com vizit Sunday!
Bring Cwissmoss pressies!
Be Crissmoss gen!
Wat Dilly got?
Hav pikcher PWINSESS on laybol!
Dilly open...
Be pink!

Be pink an pwinsessy!
thank, Hazel!
Fit Dilly new bed!

Dilly not go stayt bed!
Ownly model new fluffy blanket 2 minits!
Then go park,
feed skwirrols!

Hazel say,
"Com on, Mr Skwirrol! Com get nut!"
Mr Skwirrol hide hynd tree!
See in foto?
Mr Skwirrol say "Hewo!"-
Mr Skwirrol com get nut!

Run way, bery nut!
Dilly see other Skwirrols up tree.
Dilly see 2!
See in foto?This whare be!
Dilly like skwirrols.
Skwirrols be cewt!
Then all go home.
Wen leev park,
Mummy spot flower!
Mummy say,
"Ahhh! Be ferst blossom!"
Dilly tayke foto for Mummy-
Dilly like!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dilly hav cones!

Stanley an Stella say like cones!
Dilly clekt cones!
Dilly show fotoes ov cones for Stanley an Stella!

Heer be all Dilly cones.
Dilly keep cones in big dish:

Cones be diffrent sizes.
Sum be bayby cones:
Dilly hav gold cone.
Gold cone go on Crissmoss Tree at Crissmoss:

Dilly fayvrit cones look like flowers:
Dilly biggest cone!
Be bigger than Dilly!
Dilly hope peepol like Dilly cone clekshun!
Dilly like!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dilly luv Granny!

Dilly's Granny hav berfday this week!
Be 2!
Dilly's present for Granny be littol Wagon on trayne!
Dilly luv Granny!

Dilly show Granny bustle!
Dilly hav pink bow like Granny's jumper!

Dily like!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Arfter Cwismoss....

Day arfter Cwismoss,
Dilly go see Rochester.
Dilly go wiv Mummy an Granny.
(Daddy an silly Bob not go.
Daddy an silly Bob go football sted.)

Rochester be old.
Charles Dickens liv Rochester (long time go.) (2 years.)

High Street be all lit up-
Rochester hav big Church.
Be calld, catheedrol:
Dilly not lowd tayke foto inside.
Dilly hide hynd piller.
Dilly tayke seekrit foto!
MWEAH!Catheedrol be on wun side rode.
Other side rode be.....
Carsol try hide hynd big old tree! Hnar!
Dis next tree be sparkly,
be full ov lites,
nice pink lites,
but not show on foto!Dilly go vestigayte shops.... See Bears in windo.
Dilly not stay long.
(Smelly.) Dilly see better windo-
find Mousie fwend!
Dilly like!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Dilly get pwinsessy bed for Cwissmoss an new bow!

Farver Cwissmoss vizit Cwissmoss Eev.
Nex day Dilly find pwessents in Dilly sok!
Dilly get-
pwinsessy bed!
Noo pink bow!
Pink toy bug!
Choklit Fwog!
bed hav speshol pillo for Dilly hed!
Dilly try.....
Perfik fit!

Dilly like!

Wat be fayvrit pressie?
Come wiv bow?
Be pink?