Friday, 25 April 2008

Sunflower Race

DILLY WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wagon Day!!

Be St George Day!!!! Dilly nayme be Dilly St George!!!! Be Dilly uther berfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWEAH!!!!!!!!
(Julie like bow? Dilly Daddy mayke bow fwom pink lace Julie send! Mweah! Dilly like!)

Sum books say,

St George FORT wagon.
Be mistake.
Be misprint.
St George not FORT wagon.
St George TORT wagon!!!!

St George tort wagons bowt bows,
bowt flowers,
bowt pwitty things,
bowt carsols....
.... befor St George, wagons liv cayves.
St George tell wagons bowt carsols.

NOW all carsols hav wagon.


HAPPY ST GEORGE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Dilly see lots wagon-berds!!!

Dilly say bowt wagonny things uther day,
see at "Reptile and Raptor Centre".
Lots wagon-berds be at sayme playse!
Today Dilly show pikchers wagon-berds.

Dilly see lots wols.
Sum wols be sleepy:Sum wols look like hav big ears:Sum wols be very ickol,
look frytend.
Next wol be calld "Ickol Wol".
Dilly think ickol wol say
"Be ownly ickol! Go way pleez! Not eet ickol wol! Not eet!":Sum wols look stripey:Sum wols hav wol meetings:Sum wols look fat:Sum wols look like pengwins:Sum wols hav own shed:Sum wols be snowy:Sum wols like sunbaythe:OK. Nuff wols.
Dilly ALSO see.....

big wagonny vultcher!!
Dilly see.....
wat be?
Big baldy eegol!(Baldy eegol be calld Liberty. Ownly sit on log littol wile. Layter go in display, fly bowt. Then go bak to proper eegol howse. Not be hert or upset. Hav lots room an string be long so can bownce an run. Not worry!)

Dilly see ickol kestrals.
Dilly think kestrals be luvly.
Kestrals be heer as be reskewd.
Wer hert.
Peepol mayke better.
Bayby kestral be cewt an fluffy:Mummy think dis berd look like nun Mummy yewst kno:Be very frendly!!Dilly think big berd hav luvly bonnet:Dilly see kookaburra!Mummy like kookaburra.
Not see wun befor!
Mummy say "Dident kno kookaburras be so big".MWEAH!
That be berds at wagonny playse.
Dilly show uther things from holiday next time.

Dilly like!
Wat be fayvrite berd?
Like ickol wol?
Daddy tayke fotoes, like ickol wol best.
Mummy like kestrals best.
Dilly like all best.
Wat be fayvrit??

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Dilly see lots wagonny types!

Wen Dilly be holiday,
see lots nice things.
Today Dilly tolk bowt wagonny type things.

Wen go in car, see log look like wagon.
Dilly showt "STOP! DADDY STOP CAR!"
Dilly think mite be komodo-wagon.Wat think?Be funny!

Daddy tayke Dilly see real wagons!Laydy come giv talk bowt naykes an wagons.Dilly sit at frunt wiv small peepol.
Dilly lissen tentivly to lekchor.Laydy bring rownd big wagon.
Wagon nayme be Goliath.
Goliath be igwarna-wagon.Dilly like Goliath's tail.
Tail be long.
Remind Dilly ov Chuck.
Mummy like Goliath's long toze!Next, laydy bring big nayke.
Nayke be boa-constrikter.
Nayke nayme be Cuddles.Cuddles hav yello frend calld Custard:
Dilly see ware naykes hang uo coats!Next Dilly meet Skorpyun.
Skorpyun be calld Claw.Arfter lekchor Dilly go splorin.
Find ickol water-wagons.
Wat be?
Water-wagon hav own CONE clekshun, like Dilly!Water-wagon play "Pee poe!"Dilly like beerdid-wagons.
Big beerdy like rest on lite,
warm tummy:
Dilly go say bye bye Custard:
An say bye bye Cuddles.
Dilly be neer Cuddles's fayce!
Dilly think Cuddles want Dilly bows.
On way owt, see sleepy skinks:An straynge newty things.
Be calld axolotls.
Sine say be very speshol newty things:
can grow up be big salamander-wagons!
Wite an pink wun be calld Noo Noo!
Fnarr!Dilly think dark wun be smilin:Dilly go now!

Nex time blog bowt lots berds,
cloodin big vulcher an eegol!

Dilly like!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dilly hav berfday on holiday an then Julie send sprize!

Dilly be bak from holidays!
Dilly be bak wun day-
look wat postman bring Dilly!
Wat be inside?
MWEAH! Choklit bugs!!!!
Be from JULIE!!!!!!
Julie say, pleez share wiv Bob.
Dilly giv Bob brown bugs.

Julie send choklit bugs,
an PINK LACE!!!!
Send pink lace,
pink ribbon an
send pink fluffy stik.
Dilly like!!!
THANK Julie!!!
Dilly hav fun an be pwinsessy!!!

Dilly hav pwesents LARST week, too!
Larst week Dilly hav berfday.
Dilly hav 2 berfdays, like Qween.
Larst week hav berfday wun.
NEX week hav berfday two!

Dilly berfday be Munday wen on holiday!
Dilly wayke up-
this be wat Dilly see!
Lots Bears wiv cards an pwesents!

Dilly pwesents from Mummy an Daddy be:
new dwess wiv lace on,
flower pressin kit,
pink pen,
an card wiv cat on.
Cat ware cwown!
Say, "Berfday Pwinsess".
Dilly be berfday pwinsess!
(like how Dilly do pink bows in antenna?
Dilly do twoooo bows on top for berfday.)

Nex pwesent be from Bob.
Bob's card hav flower on!
(Also hav Bear on but be ok as hav flower on.)
Bob giv Dilly toy fwog!
Dilly like!
Fwog hav bow!

Nex pwesents be fwom other Bears.
Grayum an Sam buy Dilly pink sweets!
Windowsill Bears buy Dilly flutterbye stikkers!
Awl sparkly!!!

Card from Bears be nice-
Be GWEEN!!!!!All syned card!
How old Dilly be?


Dilly ware pink party dwess an hav speshol tea.
Hav ginger biskits wiv wagon-berds on.

Dilly hav fwends,
Dilly hav pwesents,
Dilly hav berfday,
Dilly hav sprizes!
Dilly be lukky wagon!

Dilly like!