Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pwesent for Julie

Dilly do deep think.
Dilly think, wat mayke for Julie?
Dilly get idea!
Go get cookie cutter.....Dilly go get spundge...Put cookie cutter on top ov spundge...NEXT!
Go get wool-tops.
Dilly in big pink CLOWD!
Stuff in cookie cutter!
Stuff stuff!
Poke wiv feltin-needol.
Poke poke!Tayke owt fwom cookie cutter-
Wat be?Be ickol pink felty disk!Next,
wash in hot HOT! hot soapy warter.
Hot soapy warter mayke bits shrink an set.
Stop be wispy.
Mayke be stronger felt.
Dilly get SMALLER cookie cutter.
Mayke uther disk.
This time be wite.
This time NOT put in hot warter.
Leeve soft an wispy.
Put on top ov pink disk:Now!
Poke throo wiv feltin-needol.
Poke poke poke!
Knit both gether!NEXT!
Dilly put ickol blob glitter-gloo in middol!
Mweah!Dilly prod needol an mayke petols,
Dilly add bits gween for leevs.
MWEAH!Dilly think be like pwitty warterlilly!!!!!
Dilly goin send Julie!
Dilly like!!!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Dilly mayke felt!

Dilly mayke felt!
Mayke from wool!
Dilly spred in layers,
then mix hot warter an soap,
then por on.
Ta-darr!Dilly yews gween for grarss.
Dilly add Julie's pink wool, too.
Dilly mayke pink flowers.

Dilly want mayke present for Julie.
Dilly hav nuther go soon.Mweah!
Dilly like feltin!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Huwayyyyy!!!!!!!! Look wat Julie send!!!

Ferst let Dilly xsplain.
Uther week, Mummy say, "Let's mayke felt!"
Mummy order speshol wool from intnet, be wool for maykin felt.
Wen wool come, Dilly see sum be gween!
Dilly tayke gween wool wen Mummy not be lookin!
Dilly mayke nest hynde chair.....

Dilly ryte Julie.
Julie do lots crafty stuff.
Julie mayke things.
Dilly tell Julie,
Dilly mayke nest!
An say, hope Mummy mayke Dilly new clothes,
but not yet, as not hav eny pink wool!!!

Look wat Julie send!
Dilly get parsol in post!Be letta from Julie,
an be PINK PINK PINK wool!Julie letta say,
be for nest,
or for felt.

Dilly find uther thing do-
be sessy wig!
But mayke luvly soft nest, too!
THANK Julie!
Julie be Dilly very speshol fwend!
Dilly goin mayke pink felt.
Dilly goin mayke Julie sumthing!
Dilly be all sytid now!

Dilly like!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Piggy in boots be pwinsess!

Chewy an A.Bananna say Piggy in boots need crown!

Heer be, Chewy an A.Bananna! Heer be!

Piggy hav crown!

Be pwinsess!!!!

Dilly like!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Piggy not like mud!

Dilly find story bowt ickol piggy not like mud!
Dilly approoov!
Mrs Farmer giv ickol piggy ickol welly boots!
Now piggy go play wiv frends.

Read awl bowt ickol pig heer!


Dilly like!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Dilly see Hedgermahogin an go Bob's berfday party.

Dilly not get foto ov Hedgermahogin in Dilly garden.
But Dilly see uther Hedgermahogin at Granny's howse!
Dilly put cat food on Granny's doorstep an wayte.
Hear "tink tink!"
Dilly say Granny, "Be hog! Open dor, see!"
("tink tink" be sownd prikols on playte!)
Foto not be vewy cleer, not be vewy good.
But not want tayke uther,
not want scare hog.
Be hedgermahogin!
Dilly be glad show pikcher!


Saterday be Bob's berfday.
Dilly get Bob card....
Mummy say, best be card wiv Bear on.
Dilly say, best be card wiv pink on!
Dilly find perfeck card:
Dilly wrap present in Lisa Simpson payper.
Bob like Lisa Simpson.

Dilly present be gingerbred bear!

Layter, hav berfday tea.
Dilly ware Medeevol Pwinsess hat for party!
Hav lots yum party food!
Dilly hav cayke wiv pink Piglet on!
Dilly hav choklit biskit,
be in shaype ov Croco-wagon!

Dilly like!

Dilly hav good weekend.
Hav good weekend too?