Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hewo gen! Dilly be bak!!! Fnarr!!!


Dilly be hav long sleep.
Dweem bowt frends.
Dweem bowt cats.
Dweem bowt wings.... MWEAH! Dilly wayke up an find wings!
Then Dilly dweem bowt snow in garden,
then Dilly hav STWANGE dreem bowt smiling potatoes
Dilly think, must hav nuff dweems now!

Today Dilly wayke up an be EESTER! HUWAYYY!!

Dilly hav nice pink egg wiv Hewo Kitty-
Hav choklit buttons inside box!
Bob boast say Bob egg be bigger...
but Dilly egg be PERFICK!
Fit perfickly under Dilly snowt!

Dilly goin inkewbayte egg, cayse be bayby wagon inside.

Dilly be hap hap happy!!

Be Dilly berfday morrow!!!!!
Mor bows!!!!