Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mor bowt carsol!


Heer be mor pikchers fwom Tower Of London.

Tower of London not be WUN tower!
Tower of London jus be nayme of carsol in London,
hav LOTS towers inside! Fnar!

Dilly an Bob meet George, Beanie, an Tango on Eester Day an go vizit carsol.
Be wunderfow!

Heer be Dilly dwest up for carsol vizit-

Heer be Dilly an Beanie-

Heer be Dilly an big 'White Tower'-

Wagon berds!
Be big raven.
Mummy feed wiv hazelnut crunchy bar.
Wagonberd like!!!

Luvly carsolly bits-

 Wagon be larffing!!!!!!!

Heer be playce ware Ann Bollin hav hed cut off.
Be awl glass an crystal now.

 Heer be Traitor's Gate.
Dilly try make Bob stay heer.

Luvly pwinsessy laydy!
Dilly an George hide in flowers. Can see?

All hav luvly time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Dilly an George do dance

Still be bizzy do fotoes ov London.

Meenwile heer be video!

Dilly an George join in dance wiv Tchewdor an Stuart laydeez an Germs,
be wen in Tower Of London on Saterday.

Mummy say Dilly hat not be rite for Tchewdor or Stuart.
Say be Plan-tage-enet.
Dilly say,
shut up Mummy,
be pwinsess hat.

Big carsolly bilding in bakgrownd ov video be call White Tower.
Be vewy old.
Be oldest bit of Tower of London.
Wilyum Conkwer start bild in wat be call "11th Sentry". (Be big 2 yeers go)

Dilly hope all enjoy!
Now all be humming tewn over an over!
Tayke Mummy long time mayke video on pewter,
now Mummy be hum hum hum an tap toe!

Hav all go in middol an showt "HyyyyyyyyyyyyYUP!"

Be exslent fun!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dilly far!

Dilly be havin luvvvly berfmunth.
THANK Asta, an THANK Ben an Jerry for send luvvvvly cards an stuff.
Dilly not hav fotoes ov Ben an Jerry card, but will tayke an show nex time.
(Sorwy Ben an Jerry. Mummy not be orgnizd nuff. Dilly giv growl at.)

Asta send parcel wiv card in, an envlope show Asta run!!! Go Asta, go!

Carsols be wun Dilly's fayvrit things.
(Did noe awl carsols hav wagon? Mweah! Troo!)

 Sumthing else be.....
wat be?????


Be Ickol wagon, come liv wiv Dilly from Budpesh!
Wonder wat nayme be???
Dilly arsk......
........wagon shy....
................................tell layter.

 Oh wat be?
Bob hav new frend too!
Be ickol Bear!
Bob arsk wat nayme be.....

Daddy find Dilly berfday badges next-
Huwayyy! Dilly be 2!!!

Crocowagon card!!!

 Be fwom... Mummy, Daddy, Nessie, Bob an Scooter!

Heer be big present from evbody!
Be own carsol for Dilly,
but need be bild ferst.
(DILLY not bildin as be pwinsess an pwinsesses not bilders.
Need pertekt bows an dwesses.)

Ohhhh be lots bits!
Look compcaytid!

Huwayy! Mummy bilt!
See Dilly up top?

 Dilly help.
Help culler flowers.
An dror cats sittin on windowsills.

Carsol hav lots towers.

Dilly go London yesterday, meet Beanie an George.
Go see BIG carsol!!!
Tell bowt next time...
Get camra!
Sort London fotoes!
Pleez, Mummy!

AWW!!!!!!!!!! Ickol wagon tell Dilly nayme! Nayme be Dwayko!