Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Day for wagons!!!

Dilly be bit sad laytely.
Chuck start pak,
go home nex week.
Mayke Dilly sad.
Dilly goin miss Chuck.

Yestday, hav happy day!
Be Valentine's Day!

Chuck say,
"Hav pwesent fow Dilly!"

Be pink choklit harts!!!!Wayte!
Dilly pwesent for Chuck, too!
Be GWEEN choklit harts!!!!
Gwayte wagons think alike!!!!!
Gwayte fwends!!!!
Mummy come bak from shop.
Say, look Dilly!
Look, Chuck!
Look wat be in payper!!!
Chuck play!
Say, "Hewoooo, wittow wagon!"
Dilly find proof-
berds be laytid wagons!!!
Chuck try be feerce,
say "Gwwwrrrrooowww!"
Then Mummy say,
look wat else hav for wagon fwends!
Hav ickol Valentine's cayke!
Be speshol for Dilly an Chuck!!!
Chuck dive in!
Chuck like choklit cayke!!!!
Dilly like!


Anonymous said...

My dear Miss Dilly - cannot believe I, was so remiss as to not wish you a happy Valentines Day!
Please blame it on the excitment of Aunt Miss Peach's engagement & my own budding romance.
But, so, pleased you had love interest too.
Am also very impressed with the dragon wall chart - wonder if next week they will feature bears - think I will write to the editor...


PS - Mother had a delightful card from Miss Peach too - her onlly actyal card - poor soul!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

you two had a very special day together! and great dwagons do think alike! lol

i'm sure chuck is sad too, but you guys have had a long and special vacation together!

some day...aunt ellie is going to come see bob and dilly and mum too!

Molly the Airedale said...

hehehehehe - We just love the last pictures of you and Chuck stuffing your faces with Valentine's cake, Dilly! What a wonderful and special day you had!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

I am so jealous you get to eat chocolate!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Shaketownman said...

He loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilly,
Hi Chuck!

Exchanging chocolate hearts... how sweet. That Dino-Dragon wall chart does prove birds are related to dragons. Cool!

Asta said...

don't be sad..chewish the bootiful days wif Chuck..he loves you lots
smoochie kisses

Stardust said...

Luk at Chuck wif dat huge peece of cayke!!

Awww Dilly, dun't be too sad, be glad that he came. Maybe, wuld yu lyke to fly over to his playse wun dae?

I'll melt if I receive hart chocklits! Joinin de frog, singing, He luvs yu, yeah yeah yeah... =D

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly Girl!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE YOU, sweet princessy dragon, you!

I'm so pleased you and Chuck got to spend this special holiday together before he goes home. I know you will both miss each other, but think of all the memories you've made together that you didn't have before he came! He will NEVER forget his time with you.

Chuck really DOES like his chocolate cake, doesn't he? I'm surprised he didn't throw himself right onto the plate and swim his way through it. I did notice that you were eating in a very princessy lady-like way.

Goober love & smooches,

BumbleVee said...

awww.... you two are so cute stuffing your faces with choklit.... one of my favs too...YUM

A.Bananna said...

looks like you and chuck had a great v day!! :) glad he got to spend all that time with you!!