Monday, 23 February 2009

Dilly an Chuck be bak now from ventchers.

Sorry if peepol be worry.
Haff go shoppin!
Haff go lookin at carsols!!!
Not be mutch time left.

Dilly keep say Mummy an Daddy,
"Tayke Dilly an Chuck shoppin! Tayke Dilly an Chuck carsol!"
Mummy an Daddy say,
"Kay, Dilly. Will go wun day."

Chuck run owt wun daysss!!!
Need go NOW!

Dilly an Chuck go lone.

Not boverd.
Be fun go lone.

Dilly an Chuck find lots soovneers.
Chuck goin tayke home,
show Mawmaw.

Heer be ware go!!!! :
Find old fashund sweet shop!!!

Go splore Colchester.
Go walk throo Lion's Walk:

See wagons in shop windo:
See old old carvins!
See old carvin ov wagon?
Be Tchewdor wagon!
Be Colchester Town Hall!Mweah!
See statchew on top?
Be calld, Saynt Helena.
Helena be Mummy's nayme!!

Nex go park.
Snowdrops be!
Spring comin!

Chuck want feed skwirrols peanuts!Skwirrol get!!!
Myum myum myum.... skwirrol be hungry!
Next, go see Colchester Carsol!!!!Carsol hav drorbridge!
Dilly an Chuck go inside!!!!
Heer be carsol wew.
Notiss say, be vewy deep.
If thro down coyne, tayke 2 minits hit bottom.
Chuck want thro coyne down an see!!!
Dilly say norrrr, sayve munny for shoppin!
(Mweah. Boys not be good at shoppin.)
Under carsol be Roman Valts.Roman Valts be yewsd in war for shelter,
be sayfe for wen norty Germans drop boms.
Notiss still say "Shelter" an hav arro.
Dilly think, if hav steps go down,
wy need arro?
Steps not go up AN down,
ownly go down!
Be bluddy oviuss whare go!
Go down steps!
Peepol not be tellygent in war.

See Roman pikcher.
Pikcher be calld MOE-ZAY-IK.
Man in carsol say, be Roman flor.
Man be mad!
Flor not be on wall,
flor be on flor!!!
Dilly an Chuck ware Roman Helmit!!!!See Mummy!!!Chuck be fewsd.
Wen notiss say Mummy,
Chuck think
but wen see, say,
"Not look like me Mawmaw-????"
Dilly find strukshuns.
Go bak owtside.
Be sunny!
Chuck stop to sniff mor snowdrops.
Go play.
Find old old arch.
Go clymin!
Dilly an Chuck tend be Gargoyles!!!
Wayte for children walk under,
then go grrrrr!
Chuck spit on heds!
Dilly say, "Norrr, Chuck! NOT spit on heds!"
Chuck say, "Be wat gargoyles do!"
Wen go home,
leev throo mayne gayte.
Heer be:
Big statchew be War Morryall.
Dilly like laydy on top.
Think laydy be pwinsessy an wagonny.
Wen get home,
show evwun wat buy!
Then hav lots cayke.
Hav speshol cayke, for Chuck.
Morro, Dilly tell bowt shoppin,
Dilly tell bowt cayke.

Chuck goin home morro.
Dilly goin be sad.
Be big, big, sad.
Dilly like Chuck.
Chuck be good ventcher frend!



Stardust said...

Wat a trip but yu kids hav got everybodi worried! Me no wagon but I luv visiting carsols too! It's amazin how the coyn taykes 2 minits to reech de bodom, must be tarff as it duzent screem.

Me luv skwirrols, veeerrrryyy much! How du ya get de fella so close? Oh, peenut!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

I'm sure glad you guys are safe and time leave a note so we don't get all worried...

now....for your trip...that LOOKS soooo cool. I'm wondering if I could come and visit sometime and you show me all these AWESOME places!

A.Bananna said...

Wow. sounds like you had a great time! I am so glad that you and Chuck are such great friends! :)

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

I'm SO glad you're okay and that you were on adventures with Chuck and not kidnapped by some evil king who wanted a princessy dragon!

Whew! You did have us worried, but I hoped you were just out having adventures and you were.

I'm sorry Chuck is leaving. I'm sure he'll be big sad too. At least you have loads of memories of all the adventures you had together.

I don't like shopping but DO like cake, so I'm looking forward to your next post (though I think I could like shopping if I did it with an experienced dragon such as yourself)!

Goober love & smooches,

Anonymous said...

Well Miss Dilly, you and Chuck had quite an adventure, while those left at home worried about you.

Colchester looks a fine town, may have to give it the once over myself one day.


Molly the Airedale said...

What an adventure you and Chuck had, Dilly! Mom is drooling over the snowdrops!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Dear Dilly!

Stopping by again today, to give you a very special magical award!!!
I believe it is right up your street...


Julie said...

What a wonderful adventure for you and Chuck. He will have lots to tell all his friends back home and you will have lots of lovely memories. Maybe one day you can go visit Chuck?

Colchester looks an exciting town. And aren't there lots of dragons!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yeah, go on, Dilly! Go vizit Wyoming! Go on! I'll pak for yu!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me on your adventure. Boys! (tee-hee) That's why they are fun, they get into mischief.

Anonymous said...

Bob! I hope you are saying that with love.