Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dilly an Chuck shoppin.

Enjoy fotoes yestday?
OK heer be wat shoppin Dilly an Chuck do.

Chuck lots things tayke home for Mawmaw.
Chuck buy pens,
buy magnet,
buy maps,
buy playin cards........playin cards hav pikchers English carsols!!!!MWEAH!
Bob find Rochester carsol!
Rochester be in Kent.
Be neer Granny.Dilly pull owt cards wiv carsols Dilly been;Mweah!
Not hav ALL carsols Dilly been!
Pak be difishent.

Dilly rite nayme on all carsols been vizit.Mweah!
Now Chuck an Chuck Mawmaw kno wat carsols be Dillyfied.

LBBBJ like badge.
Be sayme culler LBBBJ.
LBBBJ do cewt look,
try mayke badge be for LBBBJ.
Dilly say,
Badge be go home wiv Chuck.
Be soovneer.BUT!!!
Chuck buy choklit bunny for evwun!
Chuck be genruss frend.
(Chuck buy present for Mawmaw too.
Be luvly.
Not blog bowt.
Be sprize for Mawmaw.)

Evwun hav cayke!
Be Chuck goin-way cayke!!!

BOB goin blog bowt cayke.
Dilly an Chuck go play.
Taxi comin in mornin,
tayke Chuck airport.


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

My dearest Pincess Dilly! Allow me to intoduce myself to you...my name is Scorch but I like to write it with a T in there as in Scortch. Mommy says I blow a little fire on things and make them a little sooty hee hee. I have been wreading about all of your adventure in England! Wow you are quite the dragon princess. I would be so honored if I could come for a visit sometime and have you show me around. I see that your fun friend Chuck is heading home soon and I do not want you to be alone with no one to escort you on fun adventures. I hope I am not being too forward...I will leave my calling card and photo in your mommies mailbox for you to puruse.
With fondest regards, your friend Scortch

Stanley said...

Sweet Princessy Dilly!

You and Chuck took care of some important business by going shopping. Chuck got some bootiful Englishy and castlely things to take home. But the thing he loves most about England will have to stay in England... YOU!

I know you'll be sad when he leaves, but you have great memories of all of your adventures together. Maybe you will get to visit him here in the States someday!

By the way, I can vouch for your new kitty friend, Miss Peach. She's a sweet kitty. I had no idea she lived with a dragon (Scortch). I'll have to go check it out!

Please give Chuck a big goober hug from us, and know that the goober smooches we're sending will be a comfort to you, girlie!

Goober love,

A.Bananna said...

That is really sweet you and Chuck went shopping! Chuck is a sweet dragon! I am so glad to see he was not a cry baby while he was there!! What kind of cake was it??

Celebration of Life said...

I am anxious for Chuck to return and also to see what he brought. I am sure he has some good stories about his stay with you! I will let you know when Chuck arrives!