Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Pressies an Skwirrols!

Dilly frend Hazel com vizit Sunday!
Bring Cwissmoss pressies!
Be Crissmoss gen!
Wat Dilly got?
Hav pikcher PWINSESS on laybol!
Dilly open...
Be pink!

Be pink an pwinsessy!
thank, Hazel!
Fit Dilly new bed!

Dilly not go stayt bed!
Ownly model new fluffy blanket 2 minits!
Then go park,
feed skwirrols!

Hazel say,
"Com on, Mr Skwirrol! Com get nut!"
Mr Skwirrol hide hynd tree!
See in foto?
Mr Skwirrol say "Hewo!"-
Mr Skwirrol com get nut!

Run way, bery nut!
Dilly see other Skwirrols up tree.
Dilly see 2!
See in foto?This whare be!
Dilly like skwirrols.
Skwirrols be cewt!
Then all go home.
Wen leev park,
Mummy spot flower!
Mummy say,
"Ahhh! Be ferst blossom!"
Dilly tayke foto for Mummy-
Dilly like!


San said...

Dilly, yes, squirrels are so cute. Sometimes they come up to my back door and I just love that.

Your princess blanket is fit for a princess. And it looks so cozy. I'm glad you had such a lovely day. And I'm glad you shared it with us.

Asta said...

What a magnificent blankie!!! wow that is twuly a bootiful gift!
Dilly will be vewy cozy undew that..I like to stawe at squiwwels..I have nevew met one weal close , just saw them , but they aways wun fwom me..I guess i scawe them..I don't know why?
have a nice sneep
smoochie kisses

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You lucky wagon! You look all pwincessy in your bed! What a perfect Dilly present.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels use their furry tails for a blanket.

Stanley said...


That is a bootiful blankie for a bootiful dragon girl! That Hazel sure is a sweet hooman pup, and she knows how to give a good gift.

It also looks like you, like Bob, are a friend to squirrels. I too like to watch them, but I don't want them anywhere near my yard. I act like I'm going to tear them up if I ever catch one, but honestly, I don't know what I'll do if I'm ever face to face with one.

Now, go dream of princessy things on your princessy bed under you princessy blanket.

Goober love & smooches,

Julie said...

A blanket fit for a princess wagen! And luvly and pink! I hope your mummy is feeling much better. :))

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Dilly'z bwaynkeee veweee pweetee! Did u dit yo supwize fwum mee yet?

A.Bananna said...

ahhhh! so pretty dilly!! I love it!

I am glad you got to go and feed the squirrels! :)

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

I LOVE your present!

A.Bananna said...

my little girl loves your pretty pink bow. she just had a hair cut and now she wants a pink bow for her hair!

DILLY said...


Ahhh.. Dilly luv skwirrols, wish skwirrols com Dilly's bak dor!


If sit vewy vewy still, an put hazelnut on nose, skwirrol mite com close?
An mweah! Blanket be vewy cozy, be soft an pink an sessy.

MWEAH! Dilly hav luvly sessy bed now! Be luvly! Be soft like cat's tummy!

Fluffy yewz tail for nose blanket!

Dilly like dweam ov sessy things, like dweam ov skwirrols in pink dwesses in pink soft fluffy beds.
Dilly also like dweam ov swamps!

Aw, thank for memberin Mummy! Mummy feel better but be tyerd. Need big pink fluffy blanket like Dilly!

Not hav pressie wen do dis post, but hav pressie now, an be vewy happy an luv an thank Chuck vewy muchly!

Be pwitty!
Wat culler a.bananna's blanket be?

Ms Creek,
Dilly luv blanket too!

Dilly see foto ov haircut, be pwitty! Dilly say, buy Alice band, pink wun, pink bow on top! MWEAH!

Thanks for leevin messidge for Dilly peepol!



Anonymous said...

Yessss, squirrels!!!!!