Thursday, 10 January 2008

Arfter Cwismoss....

Day arfter Cwismoss,
Dilly go see Rochester.
Dilly go wiv Mummy an Granny.
(Daddy an silly Bob not go.
Daddy an silly Bob go football sted.)

Rochester be old.
Charles Dickens liv Rochester (long time go.) (2 years.)

High Street be all lit up-
Rochester hav big Church.
Be calld, catheedrol:
Dilly not lowd tayke foto inside.
Dilly hide hynd piller.
Dilly tayke seekrit foto!
MWEAH!Catheedrol be on wun side rode.
Other side rode be.....
Carsol try hide hynd big old tree! Hnar!
Dis next tree be sparkly,
be full ov lites,
nice pink lites,
but not show on foto!Dilly go vestigayte shops.... See Bears in windo.
Dilly not stay long.
(Smelly.) Dilly see better windo-
find Mousie fwend!
Dilly like!


A.Bananna said...

wow! you a lot dilly! you must have been tired out after that! lol. I love you pictures!!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

WOW! You are so lucky to be able to go and see places such as that! They look older than any of our buildings here in America!

I like the scarf you are wearing around your head and glad you snuck to take a pic in the cathedral!

too bad bob didn't go see the bears! stinky ol' bears, huh?

loved the pics!

Asta said...

Dilly that is twuly an old town ..two whole yeaws old??? it's a vewy bootiful catheedwol I'm glad you took a secwet pictoowe of it..the whole place looks gweat...I think I would have pwefewed that to football too
smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

Wow, you saw snowy bears! You're such a lucky dragon!


Stanley said...

Hi, Miss Dilly!

I heard about you from Asta the sweet doggie and from your brother, Bob. (Just so you know, I am Asta's boyfriend and my name is Stanley). Pleased to meet you, Dilly Girl.

Looks like you had a fun adventure (even taking secret photos too) with mummy and granny.

I like your pink bow. Maybe we can be friends?

Your new goober friend,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,

The carsol is from the 11th centry, I think. The cathedral startid to be bilt in the 7th centry an bits ov it ar all diffrent ages.

But I enjoyd goin to footie insted.


DILLY said...


norrr... not tyerd, Dilly hav fun!

Ms Cweek,
MWEAH! Stinky Bears! Ahhh thank for likin scarf. Be gween! Hav badges on!


MWEAH! Football be silly boy nonsense. Carsol be gwate, be wagony.


Dilly not think be lukky see snow Bears. Tho.... think snow bears be cleener than brown Bears- snow be wartery, be like cold barth.


Huwooooo, Stabley!
Dilly been Gooberstan!
Be Dilly fwend!
Stanley hav bow?


Bob be show off show off show off.



Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Dilly, wen wee gwow up an get wingz we kan fwi uhwownd dat Kuhthedrow, ok?

DILLY said...



Dilly hav stwap-on wings alweddy! Chuck not hav?
Chuck get!
Go fly wownd an wownd an wownd wiv Dilly!



Anonymous said...

Hey, Dilly! Just wanted you to know Santa and Sandy Paws, the stuffed animals' Father and Mother Christmas, has a special thank you message posted on our blog...also for Bob T., but, hey, we like you better!

Your bestest fans,
Dee and Tine, who know the 7th and 11th century are 2 years old, also!

DILLY said...

Tine an Dee!




Tine an Dee say,
prefer Dilly!


Mayke Dilly hover!