Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dilly hav cones!

Stanley an Stella say like cones!
Dilly clekt cones!
Dilly show fotoes ov cones for Stanley an Stella!

Heer be all Dilly cones.
Dilly keep cones in big dish:

Cones be diffrent sizes.
Sum be bayby cones:
Dilly hav gold cone.
Gold cone go on Crissmoss Tree at Crissmoss:

Dilly fayvrit cones look like flowers:
Dilly biggest cone!
Be bigger than Dilly!
Dilly hope peepol like Dilly cone clekshun!
Dilly like!


Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!!

I LOVE your cone collection & I love you for sharing it with us!

I don't think I've ever seen a cone collection as diverse & wonderfully bootiful as yours!

We've never seen cones that look like flowers before... very cool! That last cone reminded me of a tall dragon. Is it a dragon cone??

Goober love & pine cone smooches,

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wowee! what a lot of lovely cones! Especially like the gold one, must be very valuable cos you don't often find them like that! Might be a magic one.

i beati said...

What is that flowery cone Dilly Gorgeosu must have one where to find it ??

DILLY said...

i beati,

Dilly not very shor, but think be from cedar tree!


Look like flower carvd from wood!


DILLY said...



Majic cone for wagons!


DILLY said...

Hewo Stanley!

Dilly find most cones neer carsol in Norfolk.

Find other cones on walks wiv Mummy an Daddy.

Sumtimes in woods, sumtimes in parks.

Sum be from Sherwood Forest!

Ickol flower cones be from Mount Ephraim in Kent. Lots trees there.

Big cone be from Ireland!

Tiny cones be from Norwich, at shrine ov St Julian.


Dilly like!

Dilly glad Stanley like!


Anonymous said...

We love your cones! Even better then Grandma's rock collection (but don't tell her!) (Ummm, Grandma is typing for you, so she hears you. Great, now getting blank looks from granddaughters. Well, I like my stone collection, too.)
We have a Mt. Ephraim near here, but it has no cones -- just lots of streets and houses. Wish we had castles -- bet we could find cones then!
Can we make cones, if we cannot find any?

Your biggest fans,
Dee and Tine
(who aren't watching stupid ole football, so get to play with Grandma, who has a wonderful stone collection!)

Frasier said...

Hi Dilly
we saw you on Bobs blog and had to come and visit!

Dr Zibbs said...

Dilly, please don't eat the pine cones, they're NOT food - repeat - NOT FOOD. Just to be on the safe side, please confirm that you did NOT eat the oine cones and you're safe.

Asta said...

That is a bootiful clecshion of cones..I like the flowewy oneses best I think xept I loooove the golden one, but I think that's poisonous to eat, be caweful
smoochie kisses

A.Bananna said...

I love your collection. My oldest daughter wanted me to tell you that you are so pretty with the pink bow. she thinks you are so cute!!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Cool, cones, Dilly~ We have lots of pine cones here...what kind of trees to the flower cones come from?

DILLY said...

Tine an Dee,

Daddy say, wen litto, Daddy hav pet rok calld Sam!


Be troo!

How menny roks Tine an Dee's Mummy hav? Hav lot? 2?


DILLY said...

Awww Frasier, Hewo!

Dilly blog be smaller than Bob's,
but Dilly's not be sest bowt poo an pants!


Be better than Bob's!


DILLY said...

Dr Zibbs,


Norrr, Dilly not eet cones!
Dilly admire.
Be majik shaypes.
Dilly think be pwitty.
Not eet!

Thank Dr Zibbs for caring!


DILLY said...


Dilly wish Dilly hav owtside eers,
then Dilly ware gold cone as eer-ring!
Be pwitty!


DILLY said...


mayke Dilly go shy!
Thank littol gerl!
Littol gerl like pink too?
Pink bows be pwin-sessy!


DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,

Dilly think flower cones be from cedar tree.

Be like wood rose, mweah?



Anonymous said...


Perfect timing to have your cone collection post. I went for a walk last week and found a beautiful pine cone. It is right here with me on my desk at my work. I think it looks like a Chrysanthemum.