Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dilly be home from Woyle Wedding

See Dilly on balcony???
Dilly be in front ov bride,
neer grumpy bridesmaid!

Dilly hav luvvvvvvvvvvly time!


Hammie Hamster said...

Wow! That is sooo COOOL Dilly! We watched with the children of G.'s class. We've got an "activ board" (it's really written like that). That means that we don't have a blackboard with chalk anymore but a white board and a beamer where we can project the computer images from You Tube etc. We watched live from 11:00 till the kiss at the balcony. During the watching the children were working on their mothers day present.

Stanley said...

Of COURSE you were at the Royal Wedding! Your presence would have been sorely missed had you not been there, and Kate & Wills wanted this to be a joyous occasion - so I'm not at all surprised to see you in the wedding party.

It's only fitting that Princess Kate hung out with Princess Dilly on her big day! (You look STUNNING, by the way.)

Being the good friend that you are, I'm certain while you have inside scoop on the wedding, you will only be spilling those things the couple told you you could. I'm sure you could tell all kinds of stories!

Goober love & smooches,

Jerry and Ben said...

Amazing photo Dilly! How lucky you were to have been invited to the Royal Wedding! Did you get to plant a little kiss on the Prince's cheek?

And, the most important part for us, how was the wedding cake? We love weeding cake!

your pals, Jerry and Ben

Beanie Mouse said...

THAT was YOOOUUU???? Wow!! I thought I saw you on the telly!!! How exciting!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I see you I see you. I bet you had the best time. Did you chase the corgies. Hugs GJ x

Buttons the Bear said...

Oh Dilly!!! How exciting to actually be invited! Did you get a golden ticket? What a lovely picture of you with the royal couple. Sorry you got stuck by the crabby bridesmaid. Did she need a nap?

Molly the Airedale said...

You were so lucky to be at the wedding of the century, Dilly! Give the bride and groom a kiss from us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Feronia said...

Wow Dilly! How amazing!! You looked gorgeous! Did you get to have a dance with Prince Harry at the reception?

The Teddy Bear Family said...

That was ever so brave of the Royal Couple. Everyone knows you're not supposed to upstage the bride, but they invited you, knowing you just can't help how beautiful you look. We saw you on the gossip shows. They were asking who the lovely princess was in front of the princess. We knew!

Your Number 1 Fans,
Dee and Tine

Beanie Mouse said...

When you have time, George wrote about you here

DILLY said...

Hammie! Hewo!!!!! Dilly Daddy be teacher an say not hav blakbord an chalk enymor too! Mummy say not be as fun as wen be ickol gerl, say children leev messages for teacher on blakbord. Dilly think Mummy be cheeky!


Hewoooo Stanley!!! Dilly alway luv hear from Stanley!

Dilly not be abol tell seecrets bowt prince an princess, but can tell Stanley that corgies watcht wedding on own big tv an had silver bowls wiv lots food, an bit ov cayke. Yum yum!!


Jerry an Ben, HEWO!!!

Be 2 caykes; be big cayke wiv wite icing an fancy curls an flowers an aw look luvly, an be uther cayke, be Prince Willyum's fayvrit, be mayde from choklit an cookies. Fnar! Dilly think wite wun look best but choklit wun tayste best!



Dilly been over see George post. Aww! George say luvly things, mayke Dilly blush (go pink- huway!)



Nor, Dilly not chase Corgies. Corgies be in own room wiv own tv an eat lots, hav silver bowls wiv lots food an had bit of cayke. Then Dilly rode on bak like horse. FNARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FnARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mweah, grumpy bridesmaid be too ickol, wantid Mummy. Dilly say, Want cayke? Cayke help? Mweah. Grumpy ate cayke. Lots. Be better. Not moan bowt want Mummy no mor. Dilly unstand small hewmans. Fedd cayke, send away. Awl be better. Mweah.


Maggie an Mitch,

Fnar! Dilly not kiss but do ear hugs!!



Nor, not darnce wiv Harry. Bit smelly. Been eeting Cheese an Unyun crisps awl way throo service. Not see on telly as hide pakkit under seat. But Dilly noe!!! Dilly NOE!!! Dilly spot crums cort in yewniform. Mweah.


Dee an Tine,

FNARR! Dee an Tine mayke Dilly smile, be so kind an nice!


Julie said...

Woo hoo! I saw Dilly at Woyal Wedding! Very Sciting! xx