Thursday, 21 April 2011


Heew meet Dilly new frend!
George be wagon.
George liv wiv Beanie.

 Heew be George Wagon wiv Beanie an frend Gilbert.

George be frendly wagon,
send Dilly card,
send luvly laycey wibbon!!!!

THANK George!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dilly mayke card for George, say THANK.
Dilly yewz wagon stamp-
wagon stamp be pwesent from Di at Pixie's Workshop...
THANK, DI!!!!!!!!!!

Saterday be Saynte George day!
Saynte George be paytron saynt ov England.
Also be Dilly uther berfday.

Norty peepol say,
Saynte George fort wagon!
Saynte George TORT wagon!

-Tort how tie bows,
how reed,
how cook caykes,
mayke tea.
Saynte George play wiv wagon an tikkol wiv long stik,
sumtime wagon play ded!
Awl be part of gayme!
Heer be pikchers Saynte George:

 tikkol tikkol!!!

 Fnar! Wagon grab hold Saynte George stik! Fnar!

 Heew be Saynte George teech wagon reed. Fnar! Wagon breev on payper an fire come owt!

 stop stop! Be too tikkly! Fnar!

Be Saynte George day Saterday.
Dilly goin hav speshol cayke gen!
Hope evwun enjoy day!


Beanie Mouse said...

Oh!! HOW FAB!! It got there just in time for Second Birthday!!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Aww that is realy lovely and what a gorgeous second birthday.. Hugs GJ x

Di said...

Happy second birthday Dilly! And I love the dwagon card you made, I don't 'spose Mummy had any hand in it? Really interesting to read how dwagon tort St. George - maybe you could have a go at some of our politicians?! :) Oooer, and the Easter Bunny also brought your Easter card, it's lovely! Hapyy Easter to you, Bob, Mummy and Daddy! Di and Paddy xx