Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dilly get card fwom Beanie fwend!

Hway! Dilly get letter from Beanie!!!!!

Wat be?
Wat be?

Be xspeshol envlope!
Be pink an gween card an.....
Laydy Crocowagon card!!!

Beanie say Bob stinky!
Dilly chooz card from Mummy's box, send Beanie.
Mummy say, can hav eny wun.
Dilly chooz card be sayme culler Dilly's dress!
Mummy say,
Beanie an Beanie mummy mayke art wiv findings.
"Go see wat can find send Beanie for art, Dilly!"
Dilly go klektin things.....

mweah! Kroshay flower!

Choklit rapper!

Mnnnnnnnnorrrr..... not shor wat be.
Mad munky thing.

Add all gether!
Mayke big pile findings!

All pak neetly!
All send morro to Beanie!
Hope like, Beanie!
Hope abol mayke lots art!

THANK Beanie!


Julie said...

Lucky Dilly and very kind Dilly too! Luvly to see you bloggin gen Dilly :o) xx

Anonymous said...

Mad munky thing is waaaaaaay cute and funny looking.

I'm sure Beanie will like all those bits and pieces to make art with.

Feronia said...

Dilly be very lucky wagon but be vewy genewous wagon too! Good to see you, Dilly :)

Molly the Airedale said...

Hey, you know how to crochet, Dilly! Our mom is trying to teach herself how to crochet. We're not quite sure if it's going well at this point or not!
You are a very generous friend and a well-loved friend!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Ahhhhhh my sweetest Princess Dilly!!! How nice to see that you have mail and show it to us! We all love to get mail. Your mommy is a peach at sending wonderful things out into the world...we treasure all the creations that have come from Colchester.
Please do us a big favor and stay close to your sweet mommy for a while...she needs lots of TLC right now...from a Royal Princess no less.
We love you and the stinkie Bob T BearXOXOX

Beanie Mouse said...

I love Dilly's klektin!!! Dilly's faboo at klektin!! Much better than stinky Bob. Although he's funny when he's drunk too much!

Beanie Mouse said...

Oh, and I love your Pink Ribbon too!

Hammie Hamster said...

Hello Dilly!

Beanies a good card sender isn't he? But you are very good at collecting funny things for packages too!

Marlowe said...

What a grand package! I'm sure Beanie and his mom will be able to create all sorts of art with it!

Stardust said...

Dilly lucky pwincess and lotsa fwends, very envious. Yu shoold thank mommy fer making yu this speshol.

Go dress up fer party!