Wednesday, 10 February 2010

How to cownt Wagon.

Uther day, Beanie Mouse leev messidge for Dilly.
Heer be Beanie Mouse:

Beanie Mouse say like way Dilly cownt.
Say, not kno can be mor than wun 1.

Dilly think,
maybe explayne how wagons cownt.
(Awl weptiles cownt sayme way.)
(An fwogs too, but fwogs not be reptiles.)
(Leest not full time reptiles, ownly part time.)


Heer be how cownt wagon.
Ferst must kno 2 rools-

Ferst rool ov wagon-cownt be-

EVRYTHING be 1 thing or 2 things.

That be awl.

Heer be xampol.
How menny meerkats can see?

Arnser be...... 2!

Heer be how Dilly cownt meerkats in pikcher:

Wun meerkat + uther meerkat + uther meerkat.
THINK: wun + uther = 2,
tharefor number meerkats = 2.

Wagon cownt be exslent way to cownt.
This way, evwun hav 2 ov evthing,
nowun need be narsty,
nowun need do war.
Most war be for this-
"Hmm that man hav mor! Hav go kill an tayke wat hav!"
Nor nor nor nor norrrrrrrrr!
If awl hav 2, not need go war.
Not need go war if awl hav sayme.
This be wagon wisdom.

An sumtime if sumwun ownly hav WUN,
uther person SEE ownly hav wun,
"Heer go, hav wun mine. Now hav 2!"
psssst.... uther person STILL hav 2 as well!
This be possbol becos ov  
second rool of wagon-cownt:
2s come in diffrent sizes.

Wun + uther =2
Wun + uther + uther = 2 (bit bigger 2).


Dilly hope be awl cleer now.

Now go praktiss cownt meerkats.


Marlowe said...

It's a fine counting system you have there, Dilly!

DILLY said...


Molly the Airedale said...

You are so smart, Dilly!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

DILLY said...

Awwww... THANK, Maggie an Mitch!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I like the way you count Dilly. I put a picture of my in my princeey outfit for you a while back, although I don't think you saw it. I wore my outfit for you.
Sally Ann

Beanie Mouse said...

Is that the same as having two two's?? Two and tutu? tutu is slightly bigger (and pinker and frillier) than two?

DILLY said...

Mack an Sally Ann,
Dilly jus go see an chek-

Dilly find!
Luvly foto in pwinsess dress,
an luvly foto in luvly fur stole.

Be luvly an pwinsessy!


DILLY said...

Now think eevn Dilly be fewsed.


Beanie Mouse said...

Oh dear!! I didn't want to fewse you!!! Anyway, you got a present on my found art blog. You need to come and get it!!! It's Pink and Very Pretty

Julie said...

Dilly be vewy clever. Good counting!

Feronia said...

I needed you when I used to fail maths at school, Dilly. Be excellent counting system!