Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dilly goin meet Julie!!!!!!!!!

Dilly goin meet Julie morro!!!!!

Mummy let Dilly hav berfday dwess erly,
Dilly want ware wen meet Julie!!!
Wat think bowt new dwess?
Mummy mayke!
Dilly think be luvly!
Hope Julie like!!!
Dilly so sytid not abol sleep!!!!!!!!!
Not abol sleep!!!!!!!!!!


imac said...

Julie hav shower for Dilly,Julie scrub harder, 10 minits longer in shower, so julie be clean for Dilly.

Julie look forward to see Dilly and Bob T Bear and ev1.

Mr Julie look forward to see all too.

imac said...

Julie forgot tell Dilly mr julie told to send anufer post.
Julie and Mr Julie like dress much like. Very pritty dress - lots of work and tyme in making, very vice indeed.

DILLY said...

Julie smell luvly!!!!
Mr Julie hav shower too?
Boys need mor!
(Bob defntly need!)
Shower gel be gween or pink????
SEE LAYTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

Mr Julie shower gel be gween! Smell nyce! Julie shower gel be invizble! Is called Simple.

imac said...

Mr Julie say - Shower Gel be GREEN.

imac said...

Mr Julie say, thanks Dilly Bob and all for pressies and cake.
Julie like pressies I like cake.
Nice to meet you all.

DILLY said...

Gween shower gel be good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Mummy designed and sewed a lovely dress.