Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dily an fwends go Norwich!

Yestday all go Norwich.
Norwich be in Norfolk.
Norwich not be say like writ.
Not be calld NORWICH owt lowd, ownly wen spell.
Out lowd, be calld NORRIDGE.
Dilly wish hewmans lern spell proply!

Heer be in car in navigaytor seet on way Norwich.
Chuck ware wun Bob's scarfs:Heer be Norwich carsol!
Norwich carsol be mayde long long long time go.
Mummy say, "bowt 1100AD"
MWeah! 2 years go!
Be wat Dilly say!

Mummy say Carsol be bilt by Norman.
Hoo Norman?

Not too neer camra, Chuck!
Not too neer!
Bob see big lion!!!
Heer be Norwich cathedral.
Tayke pikcher arfter go shoppin.
Forget tayke foto in daytime!!!
Big crayne in frunt!!!

Bob an Dilly do shoppin.
Bob buy Mummy's Cwissmoss pwesent.
Dilly find toy dinowagons for Chuck!
Today Dilly play Dinowagons wiv Chuck an Nessie:
Dilly like!!!!


Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Wow, Chuck! You are one lucky dragon to get to see that castle! Glad you guys are having fun and Bob let you borrow a scarf! Did you eat the bugs that splattered on the windshield?

Aunt Ellie

A.Bananna said...

Looks like you all are having a great time with chuck! I am glad you let him wear a scarf!! he is a cry baby sometimes!

have a great weekend!

Bear Naked said...

Sounds like all of you (even Bob) had a good time.

Bear((( )))

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

You made good on your promise to show Chuck around and to make sure he got to see a castle! Did he go inside the draw bridge and pretend to defend it?! Did he spew any fire just for fun?

One more question... did Bob fart in the car today on the way to Norwich?

Goober love & smooches,

Velvet Ginger said...

It looks like you guys had a great time...that Chuck is a camera hog sometimes! That is sweet of Bob to let him borrow a scarf! That dinosaur game looks like so much fun!

Julie said...

Looks like you had a great time in Norridge and you saw a carsol!! Yay!!! You must be good navvygaytors too. Glad Chuck didn't get lost. And those dino-wagons look fun. I'm glad Nessie is settling in and playing nicely.

Celebration of Life said...

Thank you for being a wonderful princessy hostess to Chuck, Dilly!

That was very sweet of you to play a dinosaur game with him! Have you played the Chutes and Ladders game or played Skate boards yet? Chuck loves riding on the dash and navigating. I am sure he enjoyed the castle as that's all he talked about before he left.

For those of you who asked about it, Chuck is a baby dragon and hasn't matured enough to spew fire yet. :o)

Tell Chuck I miss him but he can stay as long as he wants to.


BumbleVee said...

Hi Dilly....if you have a chance..please pop by my blog to see a feline fairy princess.... she granted one of my wishes...

DILLY said...

Ms Creek,

Norr! But eet scone an jam an tea wen go shoppin! Dilly an Chuck pertend froot in scone be bugs! Fnarr!



Fnarr!!! MWEAH! Sumtime Dilly ferget Chuck ownly be bayby! Keep bein vewy babyish! Fnarr!


Bear NAked,

MWEAH! Be luvly day owt! MWEAH!



MWEAH! Bob fart! Bob ALLWAYS fart! Bob say, mayke speshol wun, bayke long time, speshly for Norwich football palyce. Bob be gustin.


Velvet Ginger,

BE fun play wiv dinowagons. Chuck tend be rannosor-rex! FNARR!!!



HEWO JULIE! Dilly do Cwissmoss shoppin an get sumthing for Julie! Not say wat be tho. Be seekrit! Fnarr! (But be pink.)


Celebration of Life,

Hewo Chuck Mummy!!!!

No play chutes an ladders yet. In Ingland not be- be calld SNAYKES an ladders! Chuck want Dilly find Inglish vershon as be sytid bowt snaykes! Fnarr!!!!



MWEAH! DILLY GO SEE! Be VERY pwinsessy cat! Be luvvvly!!!!! MWEAH!


Becky said...

Dilly - it is nice for you to have Chuck to play with. How long is he staying?

Celebration of Life said...

Good morning, Dilly!

I hope Chuck is behaving and isn't too much trouble for your Mom! He can stay as long as you want him to. I am sure he loves being there with another dragon friend!

Chuck's Mawmaw,

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Tankz foh wettin me uz yo kumputow an pozt on mee bwog! Yo mawmaw iz doh niz me duzt wuv huh an me wuv tayin wiff u! Bob an mee aw didnt tu bee budz!