Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Mweah! Blogger prfer Dilly!

Be proof Dilly blog be best!
Blogger not let Bob load pikchers up!
Let Dilly load pikchers up!
Dilly pikchers be mor portent.
Heer be:

Dilly see spayce in gardin for mor flowers!
Dilly tayke Mummy gardin centre.
Daddy say "Get red flowers!"
Dilly say "Kay!"
Daddy not BE in gardin centre.
Ownly Dilly be, an Mummy.
Dilly find luvly PINK flowers.

Be pikcher ov spayce befor Dilly plarnt pwitty pink flowers in:

Be pikcher ov spayce ARFTER Dilly plarnt pwitty pink flowers IN:-
Mweah! Be betta!

Dilly go inspekt uther fayvrit flowers in frunt gardin......

Heer be snapwagons!-
Heer be toadflax!-Toadflax flower be sayme shaype as snapwagon.
Dilly think be snapwagon tendin to be toad.

Dilly werk hard an hav be kwik.
Be rain lots.

Mummy wants Dilly say, "Mummy cutted lorn befor rayn but arfter camra tayke foto." Mweah? Mweah!
Dilly say.
Mummy ARSK Dilly say, Dilly say.
Dilly be good wagon.


Today, Dilly tayke Mummy doctor.
Dilly hav nerse hat.
Be good carfterer.

Dilly hav nerse hat.

Then dror pikcher Maggie an Mitch.
Maggie an Mitch be woofer-terryers.
Hav foto mayke Dilly larffff!!!!!
Dilly goin dror.
Dilly like drorin frends.

Hoo want be next arfter Maggie an Mitch?


Kyanite said...

Dilly very good girl helping in the garden & caring for mummy too.

Gentle tickles to you

Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, you're going to draw us, Dilly? We would be so honored! We can't wait to see it!
We love the way snapdragons snap! They're fun flowers!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Becky said...

Dilly! You are a wonderful flower planting dragon! I love your garden. And so sweet to be nursing your Mum. I wish I had a garden dragon to help me sometimes! Do you have any relatives? LOL

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

dilly, your post is so dang cute, today! i like the PINK flowers you picked for your flower bed...pink much better than red! and i like that toadflax too, never seen that. aren't the snap dragons the prettiest colors?

so, how is bob feeling about no pics and you have pics? does he think little sister is getting her way again?

Julie said...

Dilly you are very good for carfterin Mummy. I hope she will soon feel much better. I'm sure your lovely pink flowers will get her better real quick! :) Give Mummy a big hug from me xx

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Dood dob, Dilly!
U dun weow dood pwantin dem fwowohz! Mee dont hav dem cuz duh wind wud bwoh dem uhway!


Velvet Ginger said...

Dilly I love your garden...especially your snap dragons! Mine are finished blooming...just a few here and there still linger, yours are just lovely! I really like your nurse hat!!You are just tootems!

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly Girl!!!

Thank you for all the photos of you in your garden and nursie hat! We here in GooberStan have MISSED YOU SO MUCH while we've been gone on vacation! It's so fun to come back to see your sweet face and all of your happy pink flowers!

We are going to catch up on all you have been doing. I didn't know you draw portraits. Stella wants you to draw her and me together sometime. We would be most honored if you would!

Goober love & tons of goober smooches,

Peaceful/Paisible said...

my very very sweet and favorite friend ! i don't often visit you but i still love you....you are so elegant as a nurse...and your little nose smelling the flowers ! beautiful !!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Loverley wagon flowers Dilly! You cute nersey! Look after Mummy, love, GrannyK

ILĀRIJS said...

Enjoy the last days of the summer, Dilly! ;) I went to Canada for some good time! :)

DILLY said...

Hewo Blue!

THANK for ickol tickols!


Maggie an Mitch,

MWEAH! Dilly goin dror Maggie an Mitch! MWEAH!



MWEAH! Dilly be good garden wagon an be good nerse too. Dilly sorry Becky not hav garden wagon. Maybe Scooter help?


Ms Cweek,

Bob blayme Dilly for evrything! An not preeshyate flowers. Flowers be mor portent than silly Bear nonsense!



Awwww Dilly giv Mummy hug from Julie. Mummy hed be better but now tummy hert!



Mweah! Be very VERY windy in frunt garden, be wy ownly plarnt short flowers. Not abol plarnt big tall flowers in frunt. Be blow over.


Velvet Ginger,

Wat be tootems? Meen cewt an pwinsessy?? Mweah?



Awww THANK for goober smooch! Fnarr! Mweah! Dilly haff dror Stanley an Stella, too! Not let Dilly fget!


Hewo Mousie!!!!!!!! Dilly happy see Mousie gen! Awww Dilly feel awl huggd!


Gwanny K,

Hewo Gwanny K!
Mweah, Dilly be good carfterer!


Mr Skwirrol,

Hewo agen! Dily hope be warm in Canada. Rap tail rownd an rownd for blanket, keep snug!