Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pwesent for Julie

Dilly do deep think.
Dilly think, wat mayke for Julie?
Dilly get idea!
Go get cookie cutter.....Dilly go get spundge...Put cookie cutter on top ov spundge...NEXT!
Go get wool-tops.
Dilly in big pink CLOWD!
Stuff in cookie cutter!
Stuff stuff!
Poke wiv feltin-needol.
Poke poke!Tayke owt fwom cookie cutter-
Wat be?Be ickol pink felty disk!Next,
wash in hot HOT! hot soapy warter.
Hot soapy warter mayke bits shrink an set.
Stop be wispy.
Mayke be stronger felt.
Dilly get SMALLER cookie cutter.
Mayke uther disk.
This time be wite.
This time NOT put in hot warter.
Leeve soft an wispy.
Put on top ov pink disk:Now!
Poke throo wiv feltin-needol.
Poke poke poke!
Knit both gether!NEXT!
Dilly put ickol blob glitter-gloo in middol!
Mweah!Dilly prod needol an mayke petols,
Dilly add bits gween for leevs.
MWEAH!Dilly think be like pwitty warterlilly!!!!!
Dilly goin send Julie!
Dilly like!!!


Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Wow, dilly! Good job thinking that one up! It's very lovely!

I made a cute rhyme about you in the comments on my blog!

BumbleVee said...

Very sweet Dilly.... all pink and first I thought of ice cream...mmm....but you went on and... all of a became a beautiful lily! Perfet!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

yeah, and be careful not to poke your snout with that needle. Maybe your mum could put a thimble on your nose or something when you have to poke poke poke, lol.

Guzzisue said...

very clever Dilly, can I try this some time? so glad you like the pink things on my blog :-)

Kyanite said...

Dilly is just sooo clever!
What a pretty flower.

Gentle tickles

Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, you're needle felting, Dilly! What a beautiful waterlily! Julie will LOVE it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow! needle felting! I havn't had a go at that. Does shrinking DH's jumper in the washer count?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us how you make the pretty flower with felt. In the last post I was wondering why the hot water. Now I know, to shrink! Very clever making felt art.

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh I love it Dilly! I bet Julie did too!
You are very creative, that's a fun thing for Anna Banana to make with her kids!
Thank you for sharing that sweety!
Oh and it's PINK for you!

A.Bananna said...

thanks for showing us! Let us know what julie thinks! =^) have a great day!

Becky said...

Dilly, you are amazing! And so darn cute! I love to see your blog - you make my day.

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly Girl!!

That Julie is so lucky to have you making her such a special gift. I like your water lily, it looks very realistic... like you just plucked it out of the water.

You are a dragon of many talents. You are a Renaissance Dragon Girl... you can do it ALL! What else are you going to do with the pink felt?

Goober love & smooches,

DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,

Dilly reed rime on Ms Cweek blog.
No like!
Dilly not be silly!
Dilly be tellygent.

Norrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not start on Dilly nose an nowt agen! Norrrr!!!!


DILLY said...


(Dilly like Bumblevee pikcher. Be pwinsessy.)

Mummy think look like pink an wite marshmallo sweeties! Fnnar!


DILLY said...



Guzzisue hav lots luvly stuff on blog.

If mayke felty flower, put on blog?
Dilly like see!


DILLY said...


Awwwwwwwwwww THANK for gentol tikkols!
Dilly like Blue's gentol tikkols.


DILLY said...


If shrink wool, wool becom felt.
So MWEAH! DO cownt!



DILLY said...

Maggie an Mitch

Fnarr! Still eetin ice lollies! Fnarr!!!

Aw thank Maggie an Mitch!

Ear hugs!


DILLY said...


Dilly hope Chewy hav goo at felt.
Chewy be vewy vewy VEWY tistik, so Chewy be abol mayke LUVLY felty things.



DILLY said...

Velvet Ginger,


Be carefoll- need speshol feltin needol as has ickol ridges on. But be carefoll as be vewy vewy vewy sharp. Dilly be ok as wagons be tuff. Children not be so tuff.
(Mnnerrrrr..... AKT tuff, but hav soft skin.)


DILLY said...


MWEAH! Not send yet. Goin fix pin on bak so Julie can tatch to bag or skarf or sumthing.

But hope Julie like!


DILLY said...


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww teheheheheheen..
THANK Becky!

Ear hugs!


DILLY said...

Stanley say

"Renaissance Dragon Girl"


Wat be do next??? Norrrrrrrrrr....... Dilly goin help Mummy. Mummy mayke book for Granny. Dilly goin help do cuver. Dilly goin do flowers for cuver.


Ear Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ellie Creek Ellis said...


wanna come to my garden and eat slugs with bob?

Teddy Bear Giraffe said...

How about a teddy bear dressed as a lily?

Asta said...

What a lucky giwl Julie is!!! that is a bootiful pwetty pink and awe sooo clevew..I want to leawn too
smoochie kisses

Dot said...

Dilly - I am visiting from Australia and love your blog. You are VERY clever! Perrrrrrrrfectly vonderful art!! Whee wheeeee..

Stardust said...

Dis is wunderful! Yu're brilliant Dilly! I noe how to make wun now. Umm... got to find wool den!