Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wagon Day!!

Be St George Day!!!! Dilly nayme be Dilly St George!!!! Be Dilly uther berfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWEAH!!!!!!!!
(Julie like bow? Dilly Daddy mayke bow fwom pink lace Julie send! Mweah! Dilly like!)

Sum books say,

St George FORT wagon.
Be mistake.
Be misprint.
St George not FORT wagon.
St George TORT wagon!!!!

St George tort wagons bowt bows,
bowt flowers,
bowt pwitty things,
bowt carsols....
.... befor St George, wagons liv cayves.
St George tell wagons bowt carsols.

NOW all carsols hav wagon.


HAPPY ST GEORGE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ellie Creek Ellis said...

WOW! You need to teach chuck how to fly like that! he doesn't have any wings, so he can't fly yet.

i'm glad i finally know what "mweah" sounds like! i imagined something different!

are your sunflowers up yet?

DILLY said...

Dilly make sownd ov
WWII fyter-pilot!!!

Not be KWITE like MWEAH sownd!



Dilly hav WUN seed up allreddy! Dilly in leed! Dilly be in leed! Bob poysen Bob's.

BumbleVee said...

I can't believe it took me all this time to realize you had a site too Dilly! glad I finally found it.

Congratulations on having a seed up! ! good for you. erm...maybe you have something there about Bob doing something not quite right with his planting and poo-ing on the might have been a bit much for the tiny seeds....

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

your "mweah" sounds sorta like a duck. must be the snout thing, again!

Anonymous said...

dear ms creek,
Dilly sounds like a dragon, not like a duck! Please get the wax out of your ears. (giggle)

One seed up? Great news! I'll be a part of your cheering squad. OK?

A.Bananna said...

That is cool you can fly!!! :) I love your pink bow! :)

I can't wait to see your sunflowers!!!!

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

Happy 2nd birthday, and Happy Happy St. George's Day!!! You aren't just like the queen, you're better because you are more princessy and you can FLY!

I LOVED the rare video footage of you in flight! You sounded like you were getting ready to dive bomb some bears with good smelling stuff (so as to cover up their fart smells). You sound like an ace fighter jet!

Tell your daddy he should be the Minister of the Bows in your castle. He did a marvelous job, and you look so festive in it.

Goober love & 2nd birthday smooches,

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

actually, i did clean the wax out of my ears, listened to dilly on BTB's video and the fighter pilot and i'm thinking duck.

my sunflower seeds are like almost 8 inches tall! i'm going to have to transplant them in a pot before i transplant them again outside! (in our growing zone, we have to wait until mid MAY before we can put stuff outside, and still risk frost until first week or so of june)

DILLY said...


Hewo! Dilly like Bumblevee foto- lokk like pwinsess!!!!


DILLY said...


THANK Chewy!
Chewy be Dilly fwend!



DILLY said...


Pink lace bow be best bow ever!


DILLY said...


Dilly tell Daddy wat Stanley say.
Daddy say ok, be minister for bows.

THANK STanley for berfday smooch!


DILLY said...

MS Creek,

Merryka hav stwaynge sowndin duks.


Julie said...

Dilly I love your super bow!! You are a beautiful pwincess! Clever Daddy for making your luvly bow.
I enjoyed your flying round the office - what a grate sound for a WWII fyter-pilot.
Congratewlashuns for having the biggest seedlings and thank yew for coming to see my blog :o)

BumbleVee said...

tx Dilly for recognizing here....... she is indeed a princess....a fairy princess!... can you see her wings? if you look close?...they are almost invisible..but they are there...if you send me your address...I could send you a better picture of her.