Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Dilly see 2 carsols an go gliiiiiding all way home...

Dilly look for carsol in Limerick.
Dilly see big bilding neer shops.
Be carsol?
Daddy say not be carsol.
Be cherch!
Dilly go neer river.....

Find carsol!
Be carsol in foto,
neer Dilly hed. (Bit on other side foto be other cherch. Dilly think look like carsol, too!)
Dilly see 2 nise wagon-berds neer carsol!

Dilly go on playne come home gen.
Dilly like go gliiiiiiide.
Wen be tayke off? Wen be tayke off?

Go farster farster farster....

Tayke off!!!

Up! Up! Up!
Soon fly over layke whare be Gwanny an Gwandad-Poppa's howse...

Then fly up, up, up, over clowds....
Dilly think clowds look nise,
look fluffy,
Dilly want go owtside an fly.
Mummy not let.
Not tayke long time, soon be neer Lundon.
Dilly see Windsor Carsol!
Dilly help tern playne by leenin....
All land, safely! (Wagon on bord!)

Dilly like!
Yu like to gliiiide?
Like see clowds?
Like Dilly's hedscarf?


Ellie Creek Ellis said...

yes, i like dilly's headscarf, and i like the idea of gliding...but then i psyche myself out of it. Windsor Castle is beautiful!

A.Bananna said...

wow dilly! that looks like a lot of fun!! I love your headscarf! you look like a young lady...I mean young dragon. :)

Unknown said...

Wow Dilly, you went up in a plane! Were you navigating?


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Woo Hoo! Look at yoooou! Nice headscarf. Was that so the wind wouldn't ruffle your scales? mwwwwah!

Anonymous said...

I've been in an airplane 4 times. I get nervous stomach, then have a couple cocktails. Ha-ha!

TAG YOU'RE IT! See my blog for the rules. Well, there's only one rule.

DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,


Dilly like carsol too! Dilly gliiiiiide over carsol!



DILLY said...



Dilly be yung laydy-wagon!


DILLY said...

Hewo Phyth!

Nor, Dilly not be nav-gator.
Dilly help steer tho, help steer playne by leenin.


DILLY said...



Not get wind in scayles, not let wind intfeer wiv antenner.


Keep Dilly hed warm, keep Dilly bows neat.

Dilly like be neat.

Not like Bob.
Bob be messy.



DILLY said...


Dilly be sited! Dilly go chek wat be taggd wiv....

thank Chewy!


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Hi Dilly! Me gotz tu wide in big pwayn wiff mawmaw wen wee went tu Orlando butt me didn getz to wook owt duh windoh me stayd in mawmawz puzz cuz stwanjowz mite tayk me. Me wuv it wen duh pwayn takz off an wen it wandz!

Lin said...

Dilly not fly by self? Meet Mummy der. Need exersize wings or dey faw off! Good carsols yu finded! My dwagons gelus!