Friday, 24 August 2007

Dilly get pwinsessy hat

Dilly see gerl on CSI.
Gerl hav pwinsessy hat.
Mummy say "Dilly like sesssy hat?"
Dilly say "Mweah!"
Mummy say "Dilly want Mummy mayke sesssy hat?"
Dilly say "MWEAH!"
Mummy mayke sesssy hat for Dilly: Sesssy hat be silver.
Be sparkly.
Sesssy hat hav long gween netty bit.
Sesssy hat hav pink wibbon.
Mummy tie bow in pink wibbon.
Daddy say Dilly look vewy sesssy.


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Hey Dilly! U ben taggd! Go tu me bwog an fin owt wutz it aw uhbowt!

P.S. Me wuv yo hat! Yo mum did dood! U wook veweee pwettee in yo nu hat! Iff me kud whizzow me wud! hehehe

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

i LOVE your princess hat and you look very stunning and princessy in it!

DILLY said...

Ooo Dilly bin tag? Ooo wat meen? Dilly go look....

DILLY said...

Oww Ms Cweek hav niiiccce tayste. Ms Cweek got niiiccce hat too?


Anonymous said...

Oh Dilly,
I saw your hat before and silly me forgot to tell you it is LOVELY. I got all confused because Meanie tagged me also and I just had sooo much on my mind all at once.

DILLY said...

MWEAH! Chewy,
Chuck tag Dilly, Dilly ferget put hat on.