Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dilly in garden

Dilly hav luvly woze in garden!
Dilly find wild flower.
Be calld,
Scarlet Pimpernel.
Be tiny!
Dilly put wun on nose!!!
Dilly think be like
scarlet pimpel!
Dilly see uther pwitty flower.
Mummy say be calld, SNAP-WAGON!
Dilly say,
WY be calld Snap-wagon?

Mummy show-
flower be closed,
look bit like face,
but wen skweeze at base,
open like mowth!

Dilly see luvly wagon-berd!
Be Blackberd.
Be boy.
If Blackberd be black, be boy.
If Blackberd be brown, be gerl.

Blackberd say, "HEWO, DILLY!"
Dilly like!

Hav garden?
Wat be in?


Kyanite said...

Glad you got out in the garden.
I think Mr Blckbird liked you.

Gentle tickles

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Mommy sure does a good job in teaching you all about the garden, flowers and the birds! I love snap dragons and roses, too!

We have lots of blackbirds (and brown)

Molly the Airedale said...

Your garden is beautiful, Dilly! Mom's Iris is blooming today! We have lots of flowers in our garden just like you do!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

A.Bananna said...

My son kept sayin oh how cute! LOL. I think he likes you!! =^) anyways....we do not have a garden. We do not even have grass in our yard. It gets too hot here and too hard to handle! LOL! have a great week Dilly!!

Becky said...

hi Dilly!!
We have snapdragons in our garden (but not the wild kind, I guess ours are domesticated-LOL)!! And our iris' are now in bloom and the clematis are just starting to open up. We have lots of little birds, too. Do you have bird feeders in your garden?

Anonymous said...

We have suet feeders for the woodpeckers and bags of thistle seed for the yellow finches. And a cute chipmunk scurries around on the ground.

Thanks for showing us your flowers Dilly. They are pretty.

K.C. said...

So funny! And so creative! This is my first time to see blogs like this. Love the flower too! KC

Velvet Ginger said...

You have a beautiful garden Dilly!
Watch out for those birds...the ones around here snatch up lizards and eat them!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Dilly, We've got a Robin sometimes, and Mr & Mrs Charlie Blackbird and some ickle birds who eat peanuts from the feeder and a pair of collared doves. The seagulls dont come down because of the crisscrossed washing lines, thank goodness. They are very FIERCE wagon birds and their poo-bombing is very unpleasant if you get hit by one!

Julie said...

Hello Dilly, your flowers are lovely. I have a few roses but only one has a flower on at the moment - it is called "Cliff Richard"! We get lots of blackbirds too. I feed them dried fruit which I put underneath a (belfast) sink so the starlings don't get too much.

Your phots of the blackbird are excellent. How did you get so close?

DILLY said...

Blue, thank for tickols! DIlly Mr Blakberd like Dilly too!

DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,


Mummy tell Dilly all sorts stuff.

Dilly like snapwagons best!


DILLY said...

Maggie an Mitch,


Iris be Mummy's fayvrit flower!


DILLY said...


Not hav garden?
Awww por a.bananna!

Maybe hav big pots for flowers?



DILLY said...



Hav birdfeeders, birdtables an birdbaths!

Feed seeds, fat balls an suet bits.

In mornin Mummy maye speshol mixcher for starlings, blakberds an robin-
be mayde ov-
oats, appol or pear, an bit ov fat.

Go all whizz in food mixer.

Then put on playtes for berds.

Berds luv!!!!!


Feeders empty fast!

Dilly think berds eet lots! Hav lots baybys feed!


DILLY said...


Dilly hav feeders full wiv thistle seed. Larst yeer goldfinches like. This year, not come! Dilly see flu over garden! Dilly call, "Come down! Dilly hav speshol seed for goldfinches!" But not come yet!

DILLY said...



Dilly goin come see kc blog!
See wat be!


DILLY said...

Velvet Ginger,



Dilly not want be eet!

Sumtime see sparrowhawk- eet ickol berds! Mayke Dilly sad. Mummy say, sparrowhawk hav baybys too!

Dilly prfer sparrowhawk not come Dilly garden. Go uther garden, not Dilly garden.


DILLY said...


SUmtime see big seagullwagonberds sittin on roof. Laydy up roade sumtime throw owt baycon. Big seagullwagonberds like!

MWEAH, do do lots doo-doo! Hnenenenee! (Dilly mayke joke!)


DILLY said...


Blakberds not mind go under things for food- starlings do mind.

Dilly try hang owt peanuts but berds not eet! Eet in Granny's garden, not in Dilly's. Odd.

Hav rose calld Cliff Richard? HAHAHAH! Dilly hav wite rose called Pwinsess ov Wales. Be ickol an smell nice. Dilly not want smell Cliff Richard!!!

Dilly foto be big as yewz zoom, then crop.