Monday, 19 May 2008

Dilly be like medeevol pwinsess

Dilly an famly go vizit Cressing Temple Barns yestday.
Big barns be very old.
Be Medeevol.
Dilly dress as Medeevol Pwinsess for day.

Heer be Dilly by wun Medeevol barn in Medeevol Pwinsess hat:

Heer be Dilly by uther Medeevol barn in Medeevol Pwinsess hat:
Inside barns be lots things for sale.
Be Essex Food Show.
Heer be wat inside be like.
Lots wooden beems.

Awww.. wat be throo dor?Be tudor gardens.....Dilly go splore gardens....Dilly hav nice walk.
Find luvly pink flowers.
Sum plarnts be wagonny!Awww... wat be?
Look carsolly....
Dilly go vestigayte....
Be like ickol carsol!

Hav lots warter rownd.
Com owt gween fayces!
Dilly clime up hi,
see better.
Dilly see roof ov barn from up hi.
See Tewdor garden.
Dilly hav luvly day.
Pwitty gardens.
Pwitty hat.
Dilly be Medeevol Pwinsess.
Dilly like!


Julie said...

Dilly you look beautiful in pwinsessy hat and your pictures are lovely. I like the green face fountains.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

i love the princessy plant you found! and of course the "think pink" flowers!

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

You look SO at home in your princessy hat in the Tudor gardens by the midieval barns! Are you sure you have come forward to the future from that time? Could it be possible that you're a time traveler?

I liked the dragnony plant and the pink flowers, but you were the prettiest thing around!

Goober love & smooches,

Pee Ess
Since you are a princess, do you have a prince?

Molly the Airedale said...

How beautiful you look, Dilly!
I wonder if our dad could raise a barn that big?! Mom is drooling over all the flowers and gardens! What an adventure!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Becky said...

Dilly - you looked enchanting in your "medeevol pwinsess" attire! Very nice tour of the gardens, too. Thanks for sharing your day with us :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yu an that hat!
I hope peepol dident think we wer together!

DILLY said...


Awwwwwww THANK Julie!

Dilly like Julie.
Julie send Dilly pwitty pink lace!

Dilly be bit scared ov gween faces at ferst.
Then think funny.
Then think gween be nice!


DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,

PINK flowers be luvvvvvvvly!


DILLY said...


Awwwwwwwww Stanley mayke Dilly blush!
Dilly go pink!
Dilly like pink!
THANK Stanley!

Awwwww...... Dilly like be Tchewder Pwinsess. LIke pointy hat an pwitty gardens.

Awww... pwince?

hnehnehne Dilly be ickol!

But like Chuck. Chuck be nice boy wagon...

Dilly like Tommy Lee Jones, too.
Awwwwww.... like Rayshio on CSI Miami....... like Bug-Man Gill on CSI..... like Patwik Stewert on Star Twek..... like WORF on Star Twek (be wagonny man).... like Yul Bwyner on cowboy film.

Dilly like Stanley smooches too!


DILLY said...

Maggie an Mitch,

Dilly see ickol doggies neer barn, be waggin tails an eetin ice creem!!!! Dilly want tayke pikcher but batrees gon.

Dilly think Stanley, Maggie an Mitch enjoy day!


DILLY said...


Awww THANK Becky!

Dilly luv to dwess up!


DILLY said...


Dilly hope not too!
Bob smell!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Dilly! How pwincessy your look in your medieval outfit! What a wagony place you visited - not sure about green man sicking-up water tho. yeuch. Glad you had a lovely day.

DILLY said...


Mummy mayke medeevol pwinsess hat!
Be luvvvly!