Monday, 12 May 2008

Dilly go in Race For Life wiv Mummy an lots laydys in pink

Dilly an Mummy go run Race For Life yestday.
Be big Charity Race.
Be laydys ownly.
(Boys smelly)

Mummy say race be 5km or 3.1 miles.
Dilly say, be 2 miles.

Mummy an Dilly get reddy for race:
Mummy hav notiss, say "1364".
Dilly not shor wat meen.
But Dilly hav notiss,
say "1364a",
as Dilly run wiv Mummy.Mummy an Dilly both hav sunglarsses:
Mummy an Dilly both hav bows,
both hav notisses on bak:
Race raize munny for cancer charity,
be calld Cancer Research UK
Laydys rite on bak hoo runnin for.
Mummy say,
run for Mary an Eithne (say like "Effna").
Theez be Daddy's arntys.
Both hav cancer.
Mummy also run for Giovanna,
be Mummy frend hoo died from cancer.
Dilly run for Figs an Mama.
Figs an Mama be cats,
died from cancer.
Figs be Mr Scooter an Miss Fluffy's sister.
Mama be Mama-cat.
Walk to Colchester Castle Park,
be where race start.
Gettin closer-
see pink throo trees!
Pink be colour for day!
See man taykin fotoes.
Man balance on old Roman Wall!
Waytin for race to start!
See Dilly?
Daddy say, not abol see under hat!
Mummy lift frunt ov hat.See ickol doggy, come to serpport wiv pink!All get reddy now!
Go to startin playce!
Daddy be on side, tayke fotoes.
Heer be start ov rayce.
All lined up reddy.Heer we all go!
Hey, laydys be dresst as pirates!
Laydys whare pink pjarmas!
Laydys be dresst like fairys!Daddy looz site ov Mummy an Dilly!
Do race, then find Daddy gen at end!
Dilly get to finish!
Arfter race, go to Cafe Rouge for lunch
Sit in open windo,
reddy to wayve at uther racers walkin by!
Dilly share Mummy's Seezer Salad:
Then all go bak to park,
hav carrot cayke, choklit biskitty things an tea:
Also hav ice creem
See ickol duks on park pond:
(Ahhhhh)Mummy see boat wiv Mummy's nayme on.
Mummy's nayme be Helena.
Go home,
be tired an happy!
Dilly try on medal:
Dilly like!If want help Dilly an Mummy,
can still donate!
Go to Dilly an Mummy's charity page, heer:


Chalkhills Collective said...

Well done Dilly and well done Dilly's Mum!!


DILLY said...

Aww THANK Chalky! AN thanks for help!

Dilly carfterin Mummy today- all achey!


Molly the Airedale said...

What a great time you had, Dilly and for such a great cause!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

DILLY said...

Awwww, THANK, MAggie an Mitch!

BumbleVee said...

Oh, Dilly.... I love all the pics of you and Mummy! such a great day. I bet you are still tired out today.

We all have lost special people to cancer.... so it brings tears to my eyes....

DILLY said...

Awwww Bumblevee, not cwy!

Dilly send ear hugs


Becky said...

Dilly - nice job on the race! It looks like it was a special day for you and your Mum. We had a similar race here in Boise on Saturday, the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure - all the people wore pink just like you did!
Great pictures, tea in the park with the ducks is my favorite :)

Julie said...

What a great day you had with Mummy Dilly! And a picnic in the park. I love your pink feather too. Hope the aches soon go.

DILLY said...


Races in pink be fun!
Dilly think AWL races be in pink.
Dilly think Olympics shud be pink!



DILLY said...


THANK for help, Julie!!!

Mweah! Laydy wear pink feathers in hat- drop wile runnin- Mummy pik up an put in Dilly's bow! HUWAYY!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a team! Well done! and on such a hot day, too! I bet you enjoyed that lovely lunch. Yum!

Velvet Ginger said...

That's wonderful that you did the Cancer Walk with your Mamma, in memorie of your loved ones! My kids and I used to do that, here it's called "Race for the Cure".
Very thoughtful of you to participate. I like the boat with your Mamma's name on it.

DILLY said...



Grayte team! Fnarrr!

Lunch be luvly an best bit be carrot cayke.


DILLY said...

Mweahhhhhhhhhh, hewo Velvet Ginger!

Race be fun!
Mummy's boat be good but be better if pink


Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Ahh, dilly, I'm proud of you! What a gift you and mommy participated it and you made it all the way! Nice job!

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly Girl!

You and your mama have such big hearts! And, you got to spend time doing something together to help out other folks. Sounds like it was one of the best days!

My auntie is a cancer survivor, so I want to do one of this races. If I do, I'll get your advice ahead of time.

Sweet Dilly, we LOVE your and your mama!

Goober love & lots of smooches,

Anonymous said...

You really do run? We walk at our cancer fund raiser. 24 hours in a circle, taking turns, as we do 1/2 hour shifts.

You had a full day. I hope Mummy is feeling more rested today.

A.Bananna said...

great job! that is wonderful that you raced with your mum! I loved the photos tooo! :) have a great week

p.s. I am not a naughty monkey....chuck is the naughty one!

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Chuck bee pwowd ov u Dilly! U wook doh pwetteee!

Dragonstar said...

Well done Dilly (and Mummy!).
Glad you liked my Dragon Eggs Dilly.

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Dilly, mee awmozt jeluz wen me daw Dragonstar cuz mee want tu bee yo dwagunfwend! Phew! Dat wuz kwoz!

DILLY said...

Hewo Ms Cweek!


Hav run course two times. Go round an round. Two laps. Go parst bayby duks!

Dilly think luvly.
Do gen nex yeer!


DILLY said...


Dilly luv Stanley too!

Dilly send ear hugs!


DILLY said...


Sum peepol walk, sum peepol jog, sum peepol run.

Mummy an Dilly walk farst in hot bits. Run in shade. MWEAH!

Mummy read relay like wun Chewy do comin to England soon. Then Dilly an Mummy do as well!


DILLY said...


Dilly read on Chuck's blog, say be nawtie munkey! Mayke Dilly larf! Fnarrr!


DILLY said...

Awwwwwww CHuck!
THANK for sayin Dilly be pwitty!
NOT worry, Chuck!
Dilly be fwends wiv lots peepol. TWO. Dilly be speshol fwend wiv Chuck.
Chuck be ferst wagon Dilly meet on pewter!
Dilly come see Chuck wun day an go gliiiiiiiiiiiide down bannister gether an then eet choklit ants!


DILLY said...


MWEAH! Wagon eggs be vewy speshol. Carfter well! Be inkewbaytin?