Friday, 4 April 2008

Dilly pik nayme for nayke an find intrestin note on calendar!

Dilly been bizzy.
Dilly go mewseum in London.
See big China exbishun.
Exbishun bee bowt soldiers mayde ov cotta.
Dilly go wiv Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Bob an Bob's frend Grayum.
Bob tolk bowt exbishun on Bob's blog.
Heer be Dilly owtside mewseum.
Dilly be lookin at big posta ov cotta soldier-Dilly see lots wagonny things inside but man say, not lowd tayke fotoes.
Dilly bite man's leg.
Still not lowd tayke fotoes.

Wen get home, Dilly find lots peepol leev messidge on Dilly blog.
Peepol want kno, wat be nayme ov bayby nayke?

Dilly do long think.......

.......Dilly think hard.......

Dilly kno wat nayke be calld!!!!

Nayke's nayme be NAYKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dilly look on calendar tonite.
Look wat see!
Look wat see!See?
Be Dilly berfday Monday!!!!!

Dilly wowy.
Evrywun go holiday Sunday.
Dilly go, Bob go, Bob's bear frends go (note to Dilly self: tayke gas marsk for car jerney), Daddy go, Mummy go. All go holiday in New Forest.
Dilly say Mummy, "Not hav Dilly berfday?"
Mummy say still hav berfday! Say, hav berfday on holiday!


Dilly Like!!!!!!


Stanley said...

Oh, Dilly Girl!

I am so honored! I share a birthday month with the most bootiful, princessy green croco dragon in the world! We will celebrate Dilly's birthday in GooberStan, then at the end of the month we'll celebrate mine!

I hope you have the BEST time at New Forest. My girl has been there and thinks it is a very relaxing place, with lots of free-grazing animals. Maybe you'll make some new friends there.

Your snake's name is SO appropriate. Very clever. (You know, here in the States if you meet somebody named Snake, they're usually in a motorcycle gang or some big biker dude with lots of tattoos. Does Snake have any tattoos yet?)

Goober love & early birthday smooches,

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Happy early birthday to wooo!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday for Monday Dilly. I hope you have pink birthday cake and pink candles! Have a lovely holiday. :))

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Well, happy birthday, dilly, on your vacation!

You should ask chuck about Nake Bid My Due. It's an interesting story!

Peaceful/Paisible said...

so your birthday...and my computer working again just in time...wish you many many many happy returns to the day my sweet-heart...much love from France

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Happee happee berfday Dilly!
How owd aw u now Dilly? Me aw 97.
Hav a dood hahuhday an dum bak doon!