Friday, 18 April 2008

Dilly see lots wagon-berds!!!

Dilly say bowt wagonny things uther day,
see at "Reptile and Raptor Centre".
Lots wagon-berds be at sayme playse!
Today Dilly show pikchers wagon-berds.

Dilly see lots wols.
Sum wols be sleepy:Sum wols look like hav big ears:Sum wols be very ickol,
look frytend.
Next wol be calld "Ickol Wol".
Dilly think ickol wol say
"Be ownly ickol! Go way pleez! Not eet ickol wol! Not eet!":Sum wols look stripey:Sum wols hav wol meetings:Sum wols look fat:Sum wols look like pengwins:Sum wols hav own shed:Sum wols be snowy:Sum wols like sunbaythe:OK. Nuff wols.
Dilly ALSO see.....

big wagonny vultcher!!
Dilly see.....
wat be?
Big baldy eegol!(Baldy eegol be calld Liberty. Ownly sit on log littol wile. Layter go in display, fly bowt. Then go bak to proper eegol howse. Not be hert or upset. Hav lots room an string be long so can bownce an run. Not worry!)

Dilly see ickol kestrals.
Dilly think kestrals be luvly.
Kestrals be heer as be reskewd.
Wer hert.
Peepol mayke better.
Bayby kestral be cewt an fluffy:Mummy think dis berd look like nun Mummy yewst kno:Be very frendly!!Dilly think big berd hav luvly bonnet:Dilly see kookaburra!Mummy like kookaburra.
Not see wun befor!
Mummy say "Dident kno kookaburras be so big".MWEAH!
That be berds at wagonny playse.
Dilly show uther things from holiday next time.

Dilly like!
Wat be fayvrite berd?
Like ickol wol?
Daddy tayke fotoes, like ickol wol best.
Mummy like kestrals best.
Dilly like all best.
Wat be fayvrit??


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Wow weewee yike yo picktowz ov yo wols! Mee yike dem budz!

Calamity Jane said...

Lovely pictures Dilly. Like Mummy I like the kestrels best, I see them a lot hovering over the fields waiting to catch mice. At work there's a man who keeps some falcons (don't know what sort, zackly) because they are used to frighten off the smaller birds from the airfield - don't want them getting sucked into the aeroplane's engines y'see.

PS thanks for all your advice on my blog, I will email eventually, honest.

Shrinky said...

oh Dilly, all of these birdies are spectacular, I think they are all my favourites. Sure looks like you had a great day out there.

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

My fave thing in the photos is YOU, of course (you're so photogenic), but of the birds I think I like the sleepy owl and the ickol owl the best.

You were a very brave dragon girl around that vulture and the bald eagle. They both look like they could have picked you up and carried you away from your mummy, but you weren't scared at all.

Did Bob and the other bears go with you to see the birds, or were they at the pub tossing back pints?

Glad you didn't need your gas mask on the trip. I know bears fart a lot!

Goober love & smooches,

Kyanite said...

Woweeeeeeee Dily!
I love your owls!
Mummy should have saved then maybe for ABC Wednesday - O is for...

TY for your visit yesterday.
I'm sure you'd have sent away the bullies with a firey glance.

I don't have any dragon photo's but do tell Bob, my visit to Basically Bear Land is finally posted...

Gentle tickles

Sandy Kessler said...


Becky said...

Hi Dilly!
I liked Liberty the Baldy Eagle best! We have those in Idaho (where I live), but they are in the wild and you don't get to see them up-close very often. Great photos; I think you did a good job narrating them. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.:)

Guzzisue said...

lovely photos Dilly, will come back soon and look for more :) ( guess what, I know a bear that blogs about traveling and knows abou a really beautiful castle in Germany)

Salute said...

very nice and interesting pictures

DILLY said...


Mweah! Lotz wols! Ever see so menny wols? (2?)



Mweah, Dilly see kestrals hover wen go drive long motorway. Be good hovrers! Dilly think man wiv falcon-wagon be kind. Not like ickol berds be hurt by planes!
Hope CJ ok.



MWEAH! Hav gwayte day! See wagons, see naykes, see wagon-berds, Bob get bored. Fnarr fnarr! Gwayte day!



Uther Bears stay in bed. Bob com but get bored. Go in shop an drink tea, eet big choklit chip cookie. Not want be neer big wagon-berds as Bob be small an mowse-cullerd. FNARR!



WAT O be for?
Thank for gentol tikols!



MWEAH! Kookaburra hav NORMUSS beak!!



Dilly be imprest BEcky see big wagon-berds in wild! MWEAH! Be sytin see in wild!



Kno bowt big pwinsessy carsol? Mweah! DIlly want see! Dilly want see! Guzzi kno evry carsol hav wagon? Mweah! EVry carsol hav wagon on gard!



Awwwwwwww THANK, Mae!


THANK, evbody!

Mary said...

Nice pictures!
I see lots of these birds all the time in Florida. I found a Great horned owl feather a few years ago.
They are oh so pretty!

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Butt me dant day hoohoo yike uh owow!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

love all those pics of birds!

the baby eagle is cute and i loved the one with the bonnet, too!

Anonymous said...

Some of the birds looks dangerous for a little squirrel like me ;)

San said...

Hard choice, Dilly. They are all so cool. I believe my favorite is the kookaburra. I like the way it looks and I LOVE its name.

And I love the way you look in your colorful scarf. Most becoming.

A.Bananna said...

I love them all dilly! we went on vacation too!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like Woodpeckers. The ones with the red feathers on their heads and say "hahahahaha" like Woody Woodpecker.