Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Dilly see lots wagonny types!

Wen Dilly be holiday,
see lots nice things.
Today Dilly tolk bowt wagonny type things.

Wen go in car, see log look like wagon.
Dilly showt "STOP! DADDY STOP CAR!"
Dilly think mite be komodo-wagon.Wat think?Be funny!

Daddy tayke Dilly see real wagons!Laydy come giv talk bowt naykes an wagons.Dilly sit at frunt wiv small peepol.
Dilly lissen tentivly to lekchor.Laydy bring rownd big wagon.
Wagon nayme be Goliath.
Goliath be igwarna-wagon.Dilly like Goliath's tail.
Tail be long.
Remind Dilly ov Chuck.
Mummy like Goliath's long toze!Next, laydy bring big nayke.
Nayke be boa-constrikter.
Nayke nayme be Cuddles.Cuddles hav yello frend calld Custard:
Dilly see ware naykes hang uo coats!Next Dilly meet Skorpyun.
Skorpyun be calld Claw.Arfter lekchor Dilly go splorin.
Find ickol water-wagons.
Wat be?
Water-wagon hav own CONE clekshun, like Dilly!Water-wagon play "Pee poe!"Dilly like beerdid-wagons.
Big beerdy like rest on lite,
warm tummy:
Dilly go say bye bye Custard:
An say bye bye Cuddles.
Dilly be neer Cuddles's fayce!
Dilly think Cuddles want Dilly bows.
On way owt, see sleepy skinks:An straynge newty things.
Be calld axolotls.
Sine say be very speshol newty things:
can grow up be big salamander-wagons!
Wite an pink wun be calld Noo Noo!
Fnarr!Dilly think dark wun be smilin:Dilly go now!

Nex time blog bowt lots berds,
cloodin big vulcher an eegol!

Dilly like!


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Wow Dilly mee impwezt wiff doz picktowz an u aw doh pweettee! Mee finkz dat u aw duh pwetteezt pwinzy dwaygun in duh wold!

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

It almost looks like you and Bob went on totally different vacations! You look like you were VERY attentive to the lecture, and YES, I think Cuddles was wanting your bows.

You have such a soft heart for the little wagons. You'll be a good big sister and mama someday.

I'm SO GLAD you're back! Did you have to use your gas mask in the car?

Goober love & welcome back smooches,

Unknown said...

Eeeeewwwwww Dilly, they're scarey creatures for a small bear! Take a look at this, live dragon birds!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Dilly you are very brave to be with those fierce wagony hanimules. I would be afraid of being eaten, i think.

Kyanite said...

Dilly dear,
I like you a lot more than those 'critters'...


Calamity Jane said...

Wow Dilly, looks like you had a very interesting time.

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that some lizards that looked a cross between the skinks and the axolotls were in my pond chasing all my fish and eating their tails. There was an iguana in there too. I was a bit spooked to find your post here describing all the lizards shortly after that - I must be a sidekick!

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh Dilly what a wonderful Holiday you went on! I liked all of those creatures except the scorpin! I was a little frieghtened the way Cuddles looked like she wanted to snatch your pretty hair ribbons!

Anonymous said...

Oh! That log does look like a Kimono Dragon. I see his face, body and tail.

Dilly, you are an excellent teacher. I learned a lot about Dragonny Types.

I have a new little painting posted. I think you will like it. Come see.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Cuddles probably did want your bow!

DILLY said...


Owwwwwwwww...........Chuck! Mayke Dilly go blush! Mayke Dilly go pink! MWEAH! Dilly like! THANK, Chuck!


DILLY said...


Norrrr.......Dilly sit neer open windo in car. Rest nowt on open windo. Breeth in fwesh air wenever Bears fart. (Bears fart lot).

Dilly be good at leckcher.
Dilly payshent stewdent.



DILLY said...


Awwww THANK Phyth! Be exslent camra! Dilly see BIG wagon berd on camra! Be sytin! MWEAH!


DILLY said...


Aww not be frytend, Lynda.
Wagons not hert if peepol not hert wagons.
Cuddles not hert sept if hungry.


Laydy also bring rownd big spyder.
Mummy run an stand at door till spyder gon.
Daddy do foto,
but Dilly not put on blog as fryten Mummy.
Think mite fryten uther peepol too.

Dilly not fryted.
Think spyder be furry an intrestin.

From distance, enyway.


DILLY said...


Awwwwwww.....THANK, Blue!
Dilly apply Blue's tickol to under chin.
Dilly preeshyate tickol under chin.


DILLY said...


Very stwaynge bowt dream!

Dream bowt igwarna be nice dream, yewzerly. But maybe not if bitin pet fish.


Sumtimes Mummy hav sayme nitemare as Bob.
Uther day Mummy dream sparrowhawk come get Bob.
Bob say, had sayme dream.



DILLY said...



Cuddols defnitly want bows.

Dilly not mind scorpyun but hope not abol jump.


DILLY said...



Chewy abol see komodo wagon!
See wat Dilly mean!
Maybe come life at nite, be reeeeel komodo wagon!


Dilly go see Chewy's payntin....


DILLY said...



Cuddols be jellus, want bows.



Anonymous said...

Missy Dilly,
Gwandma helped us wead allll 'bout your day wif the wagons! We were so impressed, and got to talking 'bout wanting to be wagons, too. Gwandma tells us that there ARE many wagons in our woots, a'cuz her big bwuder collected dem, too. After she told us all 'bout his wagons, she helped us wite 'bout all does wagons.

It's now a weport in our Daddies' Blog for you! Do hope you like. We sure did, even if we didn't have all the cool pikchurs you have! Here's da link so you can learwn 'bout our Gwandma's bwuder's dwqgons --

Your Number One Fans Stiil, and Gladed You're Home,
Tine and Dee