Friday, 28 March 2008

Mweah! Dilly egg hatch!!!

Dilly been inkewbaytin egg.
Dilly GOOD inkewbayter.
Very tendent.
Dilly eevn sleep wiv egg.
Keep egg warm under sessy blankit.
Larst nite, egg go wumble wuble wumble.
Egg shayke!
Dilly watch.
See wat be....

Mnorr! Egg hatchin!
Stand bak!!!
Hewo, ickol wun!!!! Wat be?
Dilly catch befor get way!!!!

Bayby nayke!!!!!!
Dilly carfter bayby nayke....
Dilly like!


Meanie the baby dragon said...

Wow Dilly! U bee uh dood mawmaw wif dat nayk! U dun weow dood!
Mee fink yo bahnut iz weow doot!

Turbo the Sibe said...

Congratwoolations on the hatching! Woooooo!

San said...

What a beautiful baby! And a lucky one to be under your care.

A.Bananna said...

wow! I thought you would hatch a dragon. The snake looks nice and soft! I bet he is a nice snake....does he have a name??

Anonymous said...

What a cute little baby snake. I'm sure you will care for it very well. Is it a boy or a girl?

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's an adorable baby snake!!!! Congradulations! (is chuck the daddy?) Oh go ahead and tell me to mind my own business!!!!

Ms. Creek said...

the snake has a long nose just like you!

Ms. Creek said...

YOU BETTER GET TO CHUCK"S BLOG! (meanie) Aunt Vel opened up a whole new can of worms, I mean snakes!

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

As Chuck's Auntie...I have the right to know!

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!!!!

WoOOOoHoooOo!!! You hatched that egg and now you're a mama to the cutest baby snake EVER!! I am SO PROUD of you!

Forgive me for having no faith in the egg (I thought it was only chocolate. I always had faith in you, though.)

Should we throw you a baby shower now that you'll be caring after the baby snake? Does he need anything special to grow big and strong?

Goober love & congratulatory smooches,

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Peepoh aw doh zillee huh Dilly?

Julie said...

Ooooh! Clever you! What a sweet snake. I'm glad you liked my lace. Would you like some for you or your Mummy?

Anonymous said...

Name the baby snake "Zilly"?

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

such a pretty baby...what the name dilly?

Mae said...

Nice post What u name the new addition?

Dilly said...


Thank, Chuck!




Thank for congwatchewlayshuns! An thank for tolkin bowt Dilly on Turbo blog! Mweahhh... Dilly think Turbo look soft an cuddly. Want come cuddol.



MWEAH, bayby be bootfol, but be bit borin.


a bananna,

Dilly not kno wat spekt com from egg. Sumtime be wagon, sumtime be nayke, sumtime be empty. But leest nayke be gween.
Norr... DIlly not pik nayme yet.



nayke not smelly so be gerl.


Velvet Ginger,

Norrrrrrrrr..........Chuck not be daddy! FNAR FNNNARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Daddy buy egg at shop an giv DIlly for Eester. Dilly hatch. Not like Bob. Bob get egg an eet. Not bother hatch.


Ms Cweek,

Nayke do hav tho.



Awwwwwwww thank, Stanley! Stanley be vewy kind. Norrr.... not think bayby need stuff. Bayby not do nuthin.



MWEAH! Peepol be darft, Chuck! (mostly bear peepol but sum peepol too. Hnnnarrr!!)



Oh, Joooooolie! Be kind! Dilly luvvv layce. Lace be pwinsessy!



"Zilly"? Mnorr... Zilly be good nayme for lizard tho. DIlly not shor wat be nayke nayme yet.



Dilly still sydin.



Dilly still sydin wat nayme be!



Spauld and Ted said...

Dilly! You hatcheded an egg! A chocolate egg! We're so beary happy!!!

We upsetteded our bird buddies by boiling eggs, coloring 'em, hiding 'em, hunting for 'em, and then eating them. We didn't think birdies would get upset about chicken eggs, but they did. When the geese, ducks, pigeons and wrens found eggs in the hunt, they tookeded them to their nests to hatch. We didn't know how to tell them the eggs couldn't hatch! BUT, now that you hatcheded a chocolate eggs, we hopes they can hatch chicken eggs!

Of course, now we are worried 'bout sum'in else! What do we do if the birdies' eggs hatch and more Nake's pop out?

Valentine won't let us eat any candy bunnies for Easter now. Our birdy buddies are upset that we ateded eggs! We don't know what to tell Valentine's buddy, the Easter Bunny, to bring us for Easter next year? Any ideas?

Congratulations on your new Nake baby! May you train him or her in all your dragon ways!

Your Bear Buddies,
Teddy T. and Spaulding T. Bear, who now wish Easter had no funny shaped, but yummy, candy and eggs to eat.