Saturday, 28 November 2009


Larst week be time for Merrykans be thankin.
Not hav Thankin Day in Ingland.
Still sum Merrykan peepol rite Dilly an say,
"Kno Dilly not do Thankin Day,
but still be thankin Dilly for bein fwend!"
Be vewy nice!
Thank fwends!
Thank be Dilly fwends!

Mayke Dilly think,
"Norrrrr......... Wat else be Dilly do thank for?"

Dilly mayke list.
Heer be.

Thankin be gween, not brown (stinky culler).
Thankin be wagon, not Bear (stinky speesheez).
Thankin be clever, not dum (MWEAH).

DILLY MAYKE JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marlowe said...

My sister Chloe says that she likes dragons who like pink more then brown bears who stink.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

My litle grandaughter bean likes dragons very much, she therefore likes you Dilly.. She is called Lilli..Hugs GJ x

Julie said...

Thankin I have speshol wagon fwend! Mweah! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being my friend and making me laugh.

Feronia said...

Thankin Dilly for bein rascally wagon fwend who makes me larf!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Dilly, you are so funny!

I'm thankful to have met you and bear and your mum in blog land!

Stardust said...


THENKS, THENKS, AND BIG THENKS AGAIN for flyin by. I'm olmost crumbled arnder all the mass heer, olmost insane, olmost carn't reed yu, but fnar... I'll be fine. Fire me up!

Pleese help me thenk mommy. Her bog cat moved wif me, remindin me to smile, an have tee.

I'll be catchin on yur family later. Not now darlin, cos I still have work to do, unless yu set my stuff on fire, dat will spare de effort then. =P I'll go have tee now!