Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wat Saynt George's Day be, an hoo be Saynte George!

Today be Saynt George's Day!
Heer be Saynt George's flag.
Be flag ov England, too!

Also be Dilly berfday!
(Dilly hav 2 berfdays, like Kween Lizbeth. Mweah!)

Dilly full nayme be Dilly Saynt George.

Saynt George be teecher ov wagons.

Sumtime peepol heer story rong-
Saynt George FORT wagon.
Not be!
Saynt George TORT wagon!!!!

Sumtime, peepol see pikchers Saynt George an wagon,
think Saynt George hert wagon wiv pokey stik.
Not be!!!
Saynt George TIKKOL wagon under chin!

(Wagons like be tikkold under chin.)

Heer be pikcher wagon playin wiv saynt George!MWEAH!

Now Dilly splayned story,
Dilly show prezzies Dilly get for day!


Heer be wat Dilly find mornin,
bag ov prezzies!!!!!!!!!!!Ferst prezzie be from Bob.Bob say,
be speshol compass for croco-wagons hoo be navagaytors.MWEAH!
Dilly be GOOD navagaytor!
Dilly sit frunt car,
sho Daddy ware go.


Wat be next??
Choklit lollipops!!!
Dilly giv wun lollipop Bob.Say,
lollipop hav cheeky Tigger on,
can hav,
share wiv uther cheeky Bears!

Dilly giv wun lollipop Nessie.Nessies luv choklit!
Remind Nessie ov bottom ov Lock Ness,
ware be bit swampy an choklit cullerd.

Dilly hav wun lollipop left!Be best wun,
be pink an gween!
Dilly sayve for Dilly!

Norrr....... wat be left?Awww....
be luvly nekless!Be speshol pwinsessy prezzie from Mummy an Daddy!

Aww....wat be? Wat be now?
Mummy hav ickol tryfol for Dilly!Be hav rarzbrys in,
custerd an creeeeeeeeeem.
Dilly like!

Dilly do speshol glide for Saynt George's day,
do evry yeer!
Want watch gen?

Happy Saynt George Day, evwun!
An Happy Berfday to Dilly!


Julie said...

Dilly!!! Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe I missed it! I am very sorry I forgot! Your new necklace is very lovely and very pwincessy.

Please tell Mummy thank for the pretty card today :o) and for leaflet. Hmmm! I have to think about that one! :o)

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday, Dilly! Your gifts are just lovely and that was so sweet of you to share your birthday chocolate lollys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BumbleVee said...

Happy St. George's Day Dilly.... wooohoooo.... flying..... what a way to celebrate.

Emily said...

Happy Berfday Dilly!! Your new necklace looks very pretty and how very nice of you to share the chocolatey goodness around with your friends!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

happy birthday, dilly! i like the wrapping paper they picked out for your presents and i LOVE your pretty princessy birthday dress with the lace on it! it looks lovely with your new necklace!

and nice job sharing your chocolate suckers!

if you ever come to visit us, you can use your dragonny compass to find your way!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

i forgot to thank you for teaching me about saint george the dragon tickler!

imac said...

Ewo Dilly, nice pressys u haff gud day 2.

Fancy A give-away? then pop to

DILLY said...

THank for messidges!!!