Monday, 6 April 2009


Yestday Dilly, Nessie, Bob, Mummy an Daddy awl go to Lincoln.

Lincoln not be far fwom Julie,
so stop on way,
an MEET JULIE!!!!!!!

Heer be in car,
on way to see Julie.
Be hot an sunny,
so Mummy mayke Grayum an Bob sunhats.
Mayke owt ov tishoos.
Dilly ware Easter Bonnet as neerly Easter,
an be best bonnet,
so ware for Julie.DILLY BE SOOOOOOO SYTID!!!

Wen get to Julie street,
kno wat howse be Julie's-
evwun be in windo waytin!
Dilly sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy be wiv fwend Julie at larst!!!!!!

Julie mayke Dilly speshol pwesent for berfday-
be vewy speshol cushon!
Hav luvly wagons on!
Julie also giv luvly pink wibbon-
be like lon pink nayke!
(Julie awlso giv Dilly luvly bag, luvly flutterby an luvly wagon pendant, but be on Daddy's camra, an not abol put on pewter yet, so show uther time. Be luvly things. Dilly be lukky wagon!)

Nessie meet old fwend, Scotch Wagon:
Heer be Mummy, Dilly an luvly Julie:
Dilly want stay long time wiv Julie an Mr Julie.
(Ware be foto Mr Julie?
Mus be on Daddy camra wiv foto Dilly's bag an flutterby.
Lukky Mr Julie!)

...but Dilly ownly abol stay 2 owers.
Mummy an Daddy need go Lincoln,
so haff say bye bye....

Dilly hav fun wiv Julie.
THANK Julie!
Dilly luv,
be luvly meet!


Julie said...

Yay!!! We had luvly time didn we? It was wunderful to see Dilly (and Bob too) and Grayum. Found more pressies for Dilly after Dilly go. Send to Dilly's hows. Silly Julie!

Sunhats are grayte! Very good idea. And best bonnet beautyful.

Stardust said...

Dilly! Yu lucky lil wagon!! Dis must be a werry memorable trip fer yu!!

Julie goodie!